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PB Mexico
Scholarship Fund

Education to close the gap.


From the beginning, we have made our products in Mexico. We have deep respect for the people of Mexico and for the artisans who craft our product.

Taking care of the people who make our products is one of our core responsibilities. We prioritize people by focusing on ethical production and our long-term relationships with factories.

Going a step further, we want to close the opportunity gap for the families of our factory workers.

Scholarship Fund

Our PB Heart Mexico Scholarship fund helps the children and grandchildren of the artisans we work with gain access to post-secondary. In Mexico, a university education is the most secure ticket into the middle class, yet university is unaffordable for most. In 2021, we will fund the post secondary dreams for four deserving individuals.

The Manuel Fund

Manuel is a very talented shoemaker. If you own a pair of Poppy Barley shoes, Manuel likely helped make them. In January 2020, Manuel had his leg amputated. Manuel’s life changed dramatically and without an income, his daughter was unable to attend university. The Poppy Barley community rallied around Manuel raising funds for a prosthetic leg, wheelchair, physiotherapy, and adaptations to make his home accessible. And we gave his daughter, Saira Abigail, a scholarship for university. Learn more about Manuel’s Story.