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Ethical Production

Behind every product there is the person who made it.


Poppy Barley only works with factories that meet our standards for ethical production.
We certify our factories every two years.

Our Standards

  1. Human Rights
    • The Factories can not: use child labour, forced / slave labour, or trafficked, and illegal labour.
    • The Factories MUST: provide freedom of movement, freedom to unionize, freedom of association, freedom of egress, and the right to terminate their employment contract.
  2. Health & Safety - We ensure:
    • The buildings are structurally sound, have clear, unblocked fire exits and equipment.
    • Use and dispose of any hazardous materials correctly.
    • Adequate schedule for machine maintenance.
    • Appropriate insurance and accident record for the past five years.
    • Sufficient washroom facilities and drinking water.
  3. Equality
    • There must be equal pay for equal work and no discrimination based on someone’s gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social group, pregnancy status or ethnic origin.
  4. A Living Wage, Benefits & Secure Employment
    • Each factory must pay a living wage earned in a maximum of 48 hours of work per week.
    • We ensure the majority of artisans have full-time, permanent employment contracts and are salaried (instead of paid by piece).
    • Employees are offered health care benefits.

We build long-term, direct relationships with our factory partners to provide consistent work.

This is a stark contrast to most manufacturing where changing suppliers to find the cheapest labour is the norm.

Long Term Partnerships

We believe working long-term with factories furthers our triple bottom line of people, planet and profits.

  • Keeps our product quality very high because we're focused on constantly improving with our current factories.
  • Allows our factories to provide consistent, long-term employment to employees.
  • Enables Poppy Barley and Factories to work towards common environmental and people goals.
  • Support and care for each other during tough times in our businesses (like COVID-19).