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Black Leather

Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet
shall dampen your style.


Black Leather

Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet shall dampen your style.

Water-Resistant Leather - Poppy Barley

Boots to Battle the Elements

Leather and precipitation don’t mix. We now offer a selection of our best-selling Ankle and Tall Boots in Water-Resistant Black Leather to keep your footwear looking great from season to season.

Combine with regular care and maintenance for year-round protection.

Your First Line of Defence

Leather is a naturally porous material. This is great for breathability and heat regulation, but it also means that water can seep into the surface of the hide and damage the finish.

Our water-resistant leather was developed to provide a barrier between excess moisture and your boot. When exposed to water, blot it away with a clean, dry cloth and carry on.

Always wipe away excess water immediately upon contact. If left for an extended period of time, liquid will seep into the pores of the leather and cause damage.

Water-Resistant Leather - Poppy Barley

Keep Them Out All Year Long

In addition to the new water-resistant finish, our boots now feature multi-season rubber soles.

The textured tread on the bottoms provides an added layer of slip-resistant walkability when the snow starts to fall, and can easily be wiped clean of muck.

Leather Always Requires Care

We recommend that you still apply a weather-resistant waterproof spray to your leather to keep it looking great throughout continued wear. Check out our selection of leather care products.

The Luxury of Choice

From ankle-baring styles to calf-fitted tall boots, we now offer a number of water-resistant options for you to choose from.

Water-resistant Leather



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Water-resistant Leather

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Essentials Leather Care Kit

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The essentials for protection and conditioning. For smooth leather. Protect your footwear before wearing them and keep the leather looking luxurious with Poppy Barley's three steps to care: Clean, Condition, Protect.