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The Manuel Fund

Manuel Fund



Donated To:

our shoemaker

To Fund:

A prosthetic leg
and recovery expenses

We have reached our goal of raising $8,000.
A heartfelt thank-you from our team here at Poppy Barley.


Meet Manuel,
our shoemaker.

From 2012 to 2017, Manuel has stitched
Poppy Barley shoes.

Manuel is a very talented shoemaker. If you own a pair of Poppy Barley shoes, Manuel likely helped make them.

Manuel grew up in León, GTO. At 17 years old, Manuel began his career as a stitching assistant at a shoe factory. In 2007, he joined the team at Lupita’s factory, the primary shoe manufacturer for Poppy Barley. Prior to losing his leg, Manuel loved playing football (soccer!). Manuel and his wife have two daughters, Saira Abigail (19 years old) and Alondra Jazmin (18 years old).

Loses His Leg

In January 2020, Manuel’s leg was amputated.

He stepped on a nail causing an infection that led to gangrene due to complications with his diabetes. To save his life and prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of his body, his leg was amputated.

Without a leg, Manuel’s life changed dramatically. Unable to walk, take the bus or ride his bike, he has no way to commute to work. His house is inaccessible with steep stairs to his front door. The pension Manuel receives from the Mexican government is only $2,200 pesos ($100 USD) per month. Staying on disability benefits means a very poor quality of life. Without work, Manuel is unable to pay for his daughters’ tuition to attend university putting their dreams on hold too.

Support Manuel

We want to help.

Let’s help Manuel to get back to life. Back to work.

Manuel needs a prosthetic leg ($4,000), wheelchair ($250), physiotherapy ($1,000 for 25 visits), and adaptations to make his home accessible ($750). Because he was not employed with Poppy Barley at the time of his accident, he, unfortunately, is not eligible for the medical benefits provided to our artisans. With these assists, Manuel plans to return to making Poppy Barley shoes as soon as the Mexican coronavirus situation improves. Returning to work is critical to securing an income for his family.

And because the #FutureisFemale, let’s help Manuel’s daughter attend university, which has been delayed due to her father’s accident. Let’s not put dreams on hold. Let’s make it possible for Saira Abigail to start her nursing training this year. Her annual tuition after a scholarship that covers 35% is $2,200.

Our Goal: $8,000

Mini Shoe

For 25 years, Manuel has made mini-shoes.

These mini-shoes highlight his talents as a shoemaker. Poppy Barely co-founder, Justine, regularly visits our factory in Mexico. For seven years, on every trip, Manuel surprises Justine with a mini-shoe. Since then, Poppy Barley has commissioned Manuel to make mini shoes for VIP customers, press packages, and more!

This is the first time the mini shoes are available for purchase.

Shop Mini Shoes

Shop for good.

The Manuel Fund

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