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Three Weeks In:
A Letter From Our Founders

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First and foremost we want to express our gratitude to our Poppy Barley community and team. It is in our connections with our customers, employees, factory owners and artisans that give us meaning and purpose. 

Poppy Barley is a small business. Like all retailers and restaurants, we are trying to survive the unprecedented situation created by COVID-19. In a new world where half the information is unknown and the other half changes every day, we are trying, every day, to adapt Poppy Barley to our new reality, and make the right decisions for our company, team and families along the way. 

On March 17th, we closed our stores because we felt it was no longer safe for our community. With an unknown future and heavy hearts, we parted ways with our retail teams. We prioritized financially taking care of people. We’ve also downsized and reduced salaries at our Warespace office. Our online store remains open with extraordinary precautions being taken to safely ship products. With these actions, we are trying to give Poppy Barley the best chance of surviving so we can rebuild and reunite our teams on the other side of this pandemic. 

We’re working closely with our partner factories in Mexico to help them work safely and financially weather this downturn. We expect factory shut-downs and are already experiencing some supply chain issues. We hope everyone there, and in Canada, stays as healthy as possible. 

This has been incredibly hard. These past few weeks have been hard for everyone. 

Here’s what you can expect from us: continued transparency and honesty, content rooted in connection and inspiration, and some new product launches—albeit much smaller collections—of designs we worked really hard on pre-COVID-19. And lastly, a promise to do our best in the current situation.


Together, let’s do everything to take care of each other—stay home and stay healthy. 


More than ever, thank you for your support. 

Justine & Kendall

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