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We Promise Your Legs Are Normal

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We Promise Your Legs are Normal

Have you ever struggled to find boots that fit? Us too!

Have you ever wondered what was so wrong with your legs/feet/ankles that made finding boots that fit seem impossible? Well, STOP!

We promise your legs are normal.

When I got my first pair of made to measure boots from Bali, I loved them, because before that, due to my high arches, I always had a hard time finding boots that fit. (When you have high arches your feet won’t angle into a boot so you can’t even get them on.) Due to my arch issue, entire brands were off limits to me (like Frye), and so I had to limit myself to the one boot style that sometimes worked for me (and spent half of every winter looking for boots.) When I was back in Canada, I started talking to my friends about my Bali boots, and I was surprised by two things:
  1. How many women can’t find boots that fit; and
  2. The diverse range of fit issues out there.
The majority of women responded to my Bali story in the following way: “Oh my gosh, I have such a hard time finding boots too, because of _________ (fill in blank with: my wide calves, narrow feet, my height - be it tall or petite, wide feet, narrow calves, short legs, skinny ankles, flat feet, high arches, bunions, differently sized feet etc.). For a lot of women there is more than one fit issue. Our little sister, for example, instantly became the biggest cheerleader for Poppy Barley after explaining that she has wide feet AND wide calves AND short legs and, for years, has worn boots that don’t fit her properly. Then, when we started prototyping our boots, I realized that made to measure boots don’t just solve your fit issue(s), they also fit you better in areas that you hadn’t seen as an "issue" until you get your first pair of bespoke boots. In my case, I am taller than average and so prefer a 17-inch boot height over the standard 16. It also turns out that my feet are somewhat wide and I am more comfortable in boots made for my foot width. By finally having the luxury of boots customized for me, I've forever solved my arch issue, have a superior fit, and a pair of boots that are way more comfortable. Time to buy yourself a pair of boots that actually fit.

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