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Our Fit Promise: Caroline

2-minute read

We’re so enamored with Caroline. She’s a talented writer, ultra fashionable and charmingly nice. Caroline made a perfect fit model because she is beautifully tall (6 ft) with super narrow size 12 feet. She didn't even realize her boots weren't fitting until we outfitted her in a pair of Poppy Barley Classic Riding Boots.
First name: Caroline Occupation: Alberta Editor/FASHION Magazine, Columnist/Edmonton Journal, freelance style & travel writer Fit issue(s): Size 12, extremely narrow feet. I can only find footwear in a size 12 from one company in the city, and am still limited there due to width issues. "Large feet" does not necessarily mean "wide feet", but a general sizing chart seems to follow that model. Relationship to Poppy Barley: I know Kendall through the blogging/social media world and fashion industry. Boot Review: I am in love! I never knew what a real boot--or shoe--should look and feel like until I experienced made-to-measure. I'm usually swimming in off-the-rack boots, but make the purchase anyway out of necessity. As a result, the wear and tear happens quickly and I have to buy another pair with an average fit less than a year later. I believe expensive leather boots should last longer than that! And I imagine it's not very good from an orthotics standpoint either. Apart from the fact that my Poppy Barley's are made with top quality materials, and are a classic style that will never go out of fashion, they actually make my feet look smaller and seem to elongate the look of my legs because they neatly fit my calf. There's a snug curve to the arch and top of my foot and there is no excess leather at the ankle. They are quite elegant! From a fashion standpoint, it also feels pretty great to have a unique, custom design in my closet, just for me. It doesn't get more one-of-a-kind than that.

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