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Top 5 Netflix Series and Books for Your (Extra) Long Weekend

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For some of us, distinguishing the long weekend from our new routines is hard. Wait, what day is it again? And let’s face it—even though we’re spending more time at home, stress levels are at an all-time high. Not up for a workout? Don’t feel like cooking? That’s okay

For the moments you want to sit back and enjoy some well-deserved R&R, we’re rounding up our Top 5 Netflix Series we can’t turn off and Top 5 Books we can’t put down. So grab a bag of mini eggs, your coziest attire and curl up on the couch.

Top 5 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series: 

1. Schitt's Creek 

Follow along as a wealthy married couple suddenly goes bankrupt and the only remaining asset they have is an ugly small town named, you guessed it, Schitt's Creek. Get ready for endless laughs and a bonus—it’s Canadian!

2. Unorthodox

Dive into a four-episode series of a memoir of a young ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman who flees her arranged marriage and religious community to start a new life in Berlin. It’s gutwrenching and awe-inspiring all at the same time.

3. Our Planet

Explore the corners of the earth from the comfort of your home. Grab your kiddos and take them on a virtual vacation, diving into the depths of coastal seas, jungles and forests.

4. Money Heist 

Watch a criminal mastermind who attempts to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history—printing billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. “The Professor” is accompanied by an unusual group of accomplices who have nothing to lose.

5. Tiger King

Let us eloquently summarize: tigers, guns and utter stupidity.

Top 5 Literary Page-Turners:   

1. Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Three Women explores the female’s emotional desires, leaving you deeply attached to each character. Alternating chapters feature Maggie, Lena and Sloane, who experience different sexual and emotional lives across the United States. Taddeo’s book is based on her own research uncovering “vital truths about women and desire.”

2. Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

A New York Times bestseller and timely relevant book, Dare to Lead teaches us what it means to “dare greatly, rise strong, and brave the wilderness.” Brown has spent two decades studying emotions and experiences, and you’ll walk away with a new definition of what it means to lead.

3. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

A riveting story about mother and daughter, Mia and Pearl, who move to the prestigious and meticulously planned neighbourhood of Shaker Heights. They’re quickly engulfed in the world of  Elena Richardson, a spirited citizen and landlord of their new home. It explores “the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood.”

4. The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz

Silicon Valley mogul and experienced entrepreneur, Ben Horowitz, shares advice on the things they just don’t teach you in business school. Filled with grit, straight talk and downright humour, he analyzes the problems that confront leaders every day and shares insight from managing successful tech companies, while drawing from his humbling experiences.

5. Normal People by Sally Rooney

A coming-of-age love story of two young lovers, Marianne and Connell, who find their relationship complicated by their social and socio-economic divisions: She’s a wealthy, offbeat introvert and he’s a popular soccer star, whose mother works for Marianne’s family. Explore the tale of electric first-loves and the complex entanglements of family and friendship.

All shows can be streamed on Netflix and books can be ordered on Amazon, right to your front door!  


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