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Gifting Poppy Barley to Your Staff and Why it's the Perfect Time of Year to Say Thank You

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Staff Gifting: Poppy Barley Corporate Gift Packages - and Why it's the Perfect Time to Say Thank You

Giving a gift to a friend or loved one can be challenging. Giving the perfect gift to your employees – an annual challenge.

Between my husband and I, we have three businesses – Poppy Barley, eye-bar and Stonewire – and every year, we brainstorm the coolest gift ideas and party concepts for our teams. (In case you’re wondering, the Poppy Barley team will be celebrating the holiday season with a night of cocktail making and a multi-course dinner. Gifts are still a secret!).

In my conversations with other business owners, there’s a desire to give something meaningful and thoughtful (without being a creepy boss!). It’s nearly impossible to articulate how much you value and trust your team. The "thank yous" throughout the year hardly seem sufficient. Every December, this magical time arrives when you can really go above and beyond to give something special.

Last year, one creative business owner reached out to Poppy Barley to ask about custom boots and shoes for her entire physiotherapy clinic. We crashed their party with measuring tapes to offer shoes and boots to everyone! Imagine the joy of her team. It was amazingly fun for them and for us. We love gifting Poppy Barley – it fits everyone, it’s customized and luxurious – it’s a gift that says a lot.

We’ve since made shoes and boots for entire offices – dentists, accountants, physiotherapists, chocolatiers, optometrists – and more! If a “shoe-party” isn’t a possibility, we offer beautiful Gift Card Packages wrapped with leather swatches and measuring tapes. And if you’re a little last minute, our e-Gift Cards deliver instant happiness to inboxes.

So if you’re looking for a great gift – something a little different, creative and loved by women and men – consider Poppy Barley. As our little gift to you, we offer special deals to corporate teams.

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