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Raise Her Up: Martha Jamieson

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Martha is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Servies at the Edmonton branch of DDB, one of the world's leading advertising agencies. With more than two decades of experience in her field, Martha is a creative force who gives her all to the clients she works with and advises.

Raise Her Up - Martha - Poppy Barley
Raise Her Up - Martha - Poppy Barley Raise Her Up - Martha - Poppy Barley

“Ask more questions and make the most of every opportunity you’re given.”

“Ask more questions and make the most of every opportunity you’re given.”

Raise Her Up - Martha - Poppy Barley

Day job:

Advertising executive at DDB

What I'm reading:

Miriam Toews’ Women Talking, and Patrick DeWitt’s French Exit. Very, very different books.

What I'm listening to:

Podcasts: NYT’s The Daily, Slate’s Trumpcast, and Accidental Creative, by Todd Henry.

Workout of choice:

Orange Theory Fitness

What I'm doing when I'm not at work:

Orange Theory, cooking, spending time with my family and my dogs, and knitting.

Unpopular Opinion:

I’m a firm believer in the zipper merge.

Raise Her Up - Martha - Poppy Barley

The What

The one reason you are motivated to go to work every day?

I work with so many smart, creative people who come to work each day with their ‘A’ game. That’s very inspiring to me.

How you use your "Why" mentioned above, to inspire staff and clients?

It’s part of the culture at our office to push for and deliver great work and when you have many people all aligned with the same focus, the inspiration to deliver this comes easily and from within.

A dream client of yours to work with? Your favorite campaign you have worked on?

I’d have to say all of my clients are dream clients; I could never pick just one.

What woman or women, have impacted your life the most (personally or professionally)?

My mother. A stay-at-home mom who was also a talented artist, chef, writer, vocal and opinionated feminist, and who always believed in bringing kids to the adult table for all family occasions. Raise Her Up - Martha - Poppy Barley

What is one thing about yourself, that people will be surprised to hear?

I’ve traveled twice to Japan, on a promotional tour, with a talking robot.

One piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Ask more questions and make the most of every opportunity you’re given.

How do you see Edmonton evolving and changing in the next 5 years? 10 years?

Edmonton’s transformation has been exponential in the past few years. I believe the food and arts scene and our community-minded culture combined with the city’s entrepreneurial essence are going to continue to inspire and evolve the city. That will make the city an accessible, sustainable and exciting place to live and work.

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