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Raise Her Up: Jasmine Duncan

3-minute read

Jasmine is a force. She’s the owner of SP Events, champion of womxn, and behind the platform, Successful Parenting.

She’s also a mother to three teenage girls. And what Jasmine knows is that parenthood and entrepreneur both benefit from vulnerability, support and connection. Inspired by our collective need for a strong and supportive network, she launched  a digital marketing campaign  to raise other womxn up.

There’s nothing Jasmine isn’t capable of doing. She is real, relatable and resilient. We’re excited to see her projects come to life.

Jasmine Duncan Raise Her Up

Photo by Emilie Iggiotti

What inspired you to launch Successful Parenting?

​I wanted to create a platform for conscious parents looking to raise amazing little humans. Our goal is to help parents and caregivers thrive by providing uplifting and educational content with a focus on creating connections.

Can you tell us more about your newest parenting series, "Raising Lil Humans”?

This series was created to provide actionable tips for parents to implement in their own homes for themselves and their kids. I wanted to know how other working parents were surviving this life we call parenthood. Raising Lil Humans was created to give parents space to be vulnerable about their struggles in parenting and are able to walk away with tips, tricks or a plan that they could apply in their homes today.

You are also an event producer and owner of SP Events. What have been some of the biggest challenges for your business in light of Covid-19?

​The biggest challenge through 2020 was learning to shift in order to continue growing within the community. As an event producer, there are a million ways to provide value throughout this time. So, the biggest challenge has been learning to provide a high level of value while curating social distancing and staying within the Covid guidelines.

Jasmine Duncan Raise Her Up
Jasmine Duncan Raise Her Up
Photo by Emilie Iggiotti

What have been your biggest sources of motivation in 2020?

My biggest motivation has been my kids. They keep me grounded and focused. I learn so much as I watch them learn, grow and adapt to our current environment.

What’re you excited about for 2021?

Our new digital marketing campaign called "She's a Boss.” The She's a Boss program takes 30 womxn who are killing it in their field and connects them. Over 30 days, each womxn is highlighted in the 24 hr stories of the other participants. Through this, these womxn will tap into 29 strong communities and receive new eyes on their brand.

That's not all though. Before we even get there, we will be providing professional brand photos to use for your highlight–makeup and styling included!

Learn more about She’s a Boss.

Jasmine Duncan Raise Her Up

Photo by Emilie Iggiotti


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