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Raise Her Up: Bianca Osbourne

3-minute read

Bianca Osbourne is the host of the podcast “On My Plate”, on-air cooking expert for CTV and The Marilyn Denis Show, and cooking show host for Gusto’s CombiNATION Plates

Bianca is really talented and super fun. Having known Bianca for almost a decade, it’s not at all surprising that she traded her life in Edmonton for being on camera in Toronto. She was born to be a star.

With a love of food, cooking and conversation, Bianca weaves all her passions into her many ventures to educate her audience in nutrition and cooking. Her ultimate goal: people become the highest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Photo by Emilie Iggiotti

How did your journey with cooking begin?

My life has always revolved around food. I was a gluttonous child who LOVED to eat all my grandma’s creations, often eating dinner at my grandmas and a second one at home! As I started my career in food, whenever I would get tired (as entrepreneurs and dreamers do sometimes) and try to get out of the food industry, it always pulled me back in. I was destined to play with food for a living!

Did your confidence in cooking on-air come naturally to you?

I’ve always loved being on camera. Long before I was an on-air expert, I would pretend I was on TV while cooking; so when I got my big break, I was ready.

Can you tell us more about the podcast you recently launched?

The podcast is called ‘On My Plate” and it was born out of a desire to learn about the role food plays in people’s lives. Food is a thread that weaves us all, and sharing stories about what and how we eat bonds us in this shared experience. Also I’m nosy, so having a podcast where I can dig deep into my guests lives, through the lens of food, is a nosy girl’s dream! 


Bianca Osbourne in Poppy Barley
Bianca Osbourne

Photos by Emilie Iggiotti

What is your favourite part about cooking?

Conceptualizing is fun because it’s the dreaming phases. The cooking part is meditative, and as a high octane personality, this is a time where I actually slow down. And the completion phase is great because pictures; I think food is the most beautiful photography subject, even when I’m not cooking for work, I’m often taking photos of food.

Funny story, I remember YEARS ago eating lunch with my cousin and her friends, and I started taking pictures of my beautiful latte; my cousins friend said “your cousin is nuts, she’s taking pictures of her coffee!” I would say my career is the ultimate last laugh.

What're you excited for in 2021?

More amazing conversations on my podcast and the debut of my cooking show on CTV, Combination Plates. I moved to Toronto in 2017 with the dream of being on The Marilyn Denis Show (check) and having my own cooking show, 2021 is the culmination of this dream!

Photo by Emilie Iggiotti


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