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Poppy Perks Community Profile: Jen F.

3-minute read

You might know Poppy Perks as our loyalty program. But to all of us at Poppy Barley, Poppy Perks Members are a group of incredible people we get to celebrate. It is a reminder to put our community at the centre of our focus, and to recognize that we are not Poppy Barley without this robust and growing group.

Each member of our community has a story. Many of them have a relationship with our team. In celebration of Poppy Perks Month, we asked some of our Poppy Perks Members a few questions about what Poppy Barley means to them.

Jen F.


Q: What is your earliest memory of Poppy Barley?

A: My earliest memories of Poppy Barley was hearing about the company through the running community, where I was first introduced to Kendall and Justine. That would have been in 2014 I think. I purchased my first pair of Poppy Barley shoes when I visited the original space in Startup Edmonton. I bought a pair of sample flats (crackle gold with black heels & rivet accents) and ordered a custom pair of black flats with gold trim and was fitted for a pair of tall boots.


Q: What is your favourite product to date?

A: I have so many that I love but I think the heeled Chelsea Boot is definitely a favourite. My first pair of ankle boots were a pair of black heeled Chelseas. I also love my Backpack and the strappy flats!


Q: What’s next on your wishlist and why?

A: First up, The Cabin Shoe. I bought my mom the Cabin Shoe for Christmas and she loves them! I would like to get them in a fun color for home. I tend to gravitate to black and brown, but the Rose Suede color will be my choice.

I also really want to get something in Aubergine, maybe The My Whole LIfe Wallet. It is such a rich, beautiful colour!

Also on my list is The Whyte Ave Boot. I think the cuff at the top of the Whyte Ave boot is a new and interesting feature and everyone who’s tried it on loves it! I think I’ll wait to see if there are other colors released for upcoming seasons before I decide.


Q: What is the best thing you’ve done in your Poppy Barleys?

A: Celebrated big life moments and accomplishments! After running the Boston Marathon, I treated myself to some new shoes - my feet deserved it after all the time they spent hitting the pavement during training.

I have also celebrated new career positions with a new pair of shoes. As my role shifted from Consultant to Assistant Principal, and now Principal, a pair of Poppy Barleys has been a staple. The beginning of a new school year also tends to come with something new from Poppy Barley - it's usually the only back to school shopping I do ;)

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