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Poppy Perks Community Profile: Erica P.

2-minute read

You might know Poppy Perks as our loyalty program. But to all of us at Poppy Barley, Poppy Perks Members are a group of incredible people we get to celebrate. It is a reminder to put our community at the centre of our focus, and to recognize that we are not Poppy Barley without this robust and growing group.

Each member of our community has a story. Many of them have a relationship with our team. In celebration of Poppy Perks Month, we asked some of our Poppy Perks Members a few questions about what Poppy Barley means to them.

Erica P.


Q: What is your earliest memory of Poppy Barley?

A: I was having lunch with a girlfriend and noticed her amazing shoes. I asked her about them and she told me they were Poppy Barley's. I had heard of the brand after seeing a post from Sarah Baeumler on your bags, and once I saw the shoes in person, I knew I had to place an order. So the obsession began!


Q: What is your favourite product to date?

A: It is so hard to choose which product I like best. Every single shoe is so comfortable and every bag is functional. Not to mention every product looks amazing. My bucket bag is basically used daily, and in terms of shoes, I'd have to say either my custom tall boots, Toujours Boot or the new Fraiche Loafer.


Q: What’s next on your wishlist and why?

A: I have two items that I am eyeing. One is the Kit Combat Boot in Black and the other is the Glove Fit Flat in the new Poppy Pink! I love the bright pop of colour for spring.


Q: What is the best thing you’ve done in your Poppy Barleys?

A: My best daily activity is walking my daughter to school in my new Rockies Hiker Boots.

Other than that, I like dressing up to go out for dinner with friends and family. I plan to take my sandals with me on a trip to Mexico soon too.

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