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Poppy Barley Weekly 24

3-minute read

Poppy Barley Weekly 24 - Custom footwear. Ethically made. We had a cozy week huddled in our office. For the first time in a LONG time, our entire team was in Edmonton. It's been a heads down, get work done type of week. Nothing super glamorous or exciting; just hustling! What Happened This Week:
  • Photography, design, marketing planning - we’ve got new product dropping on Monday!
  • Monica attended Dana Tanamachi’s "Work with Your Hands" workshop. It was an impressive gathering of Edmonton’s design community. (P.S. you should all read Monica’s journey of designing the Poppy Barley brand.)
  • Our friends at Kit and Ace opened its first Edmonton store. Congrats to Poppy Barley Ambassador Erika, who is the Shop Director (and genius behind the Edmonton launch!)
  • I guest lectured at the University of Alberta. The Fashion Industries (HECOL 241) class invited me in to share the story of starting a fashion-tech company in Edmonton. Being on campus is always inspiring. Thanks for having me!
  • My Ruby Red Chelsea Boots arrived. These are the types of shoes that help you take on the world.
  • Thanks to freelance writer, Michelle Magnan, and FASHION's Western Editor, Joy Pecknold, for sharing photos of your boots this week (pictured above: the Cognac Classic Ankle Bootie, and the Gotham Grey Highline, respectively!).
Poppy Barley Events
  • Justine is joining a line-up of great women at EmpowerMENTOR on Thursday, November 20. Get your tickets to attend.
  • Poppy Barley is in Toronto next week (Nov. 13-16). We’re hosting two pop-up shops. The first (Nov. 13/14) with our friend Jeff at his great shoe store – Brodawka & Friends. The second is in collaboration with a super cool Canadian company BRIKA, that celebrates well-crafted goods, in the up-and-coming Canary District. Book your measuring spots ASAP – they are filling up so fast! Also: read this post from BlogTO (thanks for helping us spread the word!).
  • We’re also doing a comeback tour in Calgary and Vancouver. Stay tuned for dates & locations!
What We’re Reading
  • Teens of the ‘90s - the era of Lip Smackers, choker chains, Sun-In, Teen Spirit (Carribbean Cool, of course), Hard Candy nail polish; remember the excitement of getting home to find Sassy (the greatest magazine ever - RIP) or the new dELiA*s catalog waiting for you? Our beloved dELiA*s is on its deathbed. These teen retailers are also in trouble. All this news has me wondering, what exactly do teens wear these days?
  • Lately, I’ve been traveling a lot. I appreciate a well-organized traveller. Here are some great travel tips from the beauties at Birchbox. Here’s my guide to NYC work trips.
  • Great career advice from Diane von Furstenberg.
  • Cool interview with programmer Eugene Chen who is up for an Information is Beautiful award. I can’t stop staring at the "Breathing City".
Weekend Plans
  • When to throw out your makeup. (Yikes! This should keep me busy for a few hours this weekend!)
  • I’m baking these Pumpkin Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies.
  • Caroline is nesting with a home inspection + birthday cake making!
  • I'm attending the Bushel’s Tête Jaune, an industrial design show. Looking forward to meeting the designers + makers behind Edmonton made goods.
  • Sleeping in before a jam-packed week in Toronto. You should too!

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