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Poppy Barley Weekly 23

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Poppy Barley Weekly 23 Happy Halloween, friends! We've been celebrating all week. Here's how:
  • We experienced Edmonton's new Live Action Escape Game, Breakout on Wednesday. Our team was locked in a small room (with a floor entirely covered in sand!) called, The Awakening. We were pretty confident that we'd be joining the 3% that figures out how to escape within the 45 minute time frame, but we didn't, and, in fact, were called "pretty average" :| But we can't wait to go back! Be prepared for problem solving, code-breaking and team work.
  • We have a crazy-awesome HALLOWEEN SALE happening! Find out what code you need in order to be treated to $50 off boots, $25 ankle boots, and $25 off flats HERE. Limited quantities, ends at midnight.
  • We had a bittersweet goodbye party today for Lauren. Expect new team profiles rolling out in the coming weeks. PB is growing!
  • Kendall was honoured this week by joining Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 Class of 2014! As was Tiffany, COO of Startup Edmonton, and a handful of other inspiring entrepreneurs we share our office space with. Can't wait to share the articles with you.
  • Did you know that Kendall and Justine started Poppy Barley without any experience in shoe design? Aleesha Harris from the Vancouver Sun interviewed them for last Saturday's Style section. Take a read.
  • This is one of the coolest collaborations we've done to date. See more photos from our #PoppyBarleyBrunch with Tiffany Mitchell.
  • We're popping up in Red Deer at Muse Clothing tomorrow (book here), and announced our Toronto dates - Nov. 13-16th - today! Stay tuned for more popup details in Edmonton, Vancouver, Canmore and Calgary.
  • Enjoy the Halloween hijinx this weekend - we know we will be!
*As usual - thank you to all our amazing customers who continually share photos of their Poppy Barleys on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Today, we're featuring images from @carm_stagram, @204Park, and @keepcalmandlatteon.

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