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Poppy Barley Weekly 21

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Poppy Barley Weekly 21 Let's get to it - a quick PB update, in case you missed it this week:
  • After months of testing, many samples, and lots of feedback from you, we've finally launched our first rounded-toe flats style, The Contemporary Ballet! To thank you for your patience, we're offering you a special introductory sale price - but for two weeks only! Jump on it.
  • Launching a new style this week meant doing a little photo shoot on 4th Street Promenade. As you can see from the photos above - fall is fading fast! But does it ever look gorgeous (that's some serious fog in the Edmonton river valley!).
  • We are popping up in Calgary today and tomorrow at Vine Styles! We've paired wine with shoes. What's not to love? Appointments are all booked up (that's a whopping 96 spots!), but we welcome walk-ins. Come say hi and have some wine!
  • On Sunday, we'll be in St. Albert in a custom show home taking measurements and orders! Again, we're fully booked up (woohoo!), but we welcome walk-ins. Details here.
  • In the spirit of last week's Thanksgiving celebrations (winners of that contest announced in the coming weeks!), stay tuned to Tiffany Mitchell's Instagram feed tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 18th! With Elizabeth Cauvel (runner up on this past season's MasterChef!) and Rebecca Revait, Tiffany is a hosting a small orchard brunch at Reed Valley Orchard in Paris, Kentucky, sponsored by Poppy Barley! Above, Tiffany captured her Promenade Boots in Cognac (this is how food styling looks. And it is hard work.) Hashtags to know + follow: #poppybarleybrunch #poppybarleyfeast
Tiffany Mitchell from Offbeat + Inspired wearing custom fit boots by

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