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Poppy Barley Weekly 06

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Poppy Barley - Blue Jean Baby Feminine Slipper featured in SWEPT Bridal 2015. Custom shoes for "something blue"! Poppy Barley - Blue Jean Baby Feminine Slipper featured in SWEPT Bridal 2015. Custom shoes for "something blue"! Poppy Barley - Blue Jean Baby Feminine Slipper featured in SWEPT Bridal 2015. Custom shoes for "something blue"! Nope, no one at Poppy Barley got married this week. But we were included in SWEPT Bridal's 2015 promotional photo shoot by Erin Walker! The bride's "Something Blue" became our Blue Jean Baby Feminine Slipper (only 38 pairs left!) and looked pretty darn coordinated with the groom's navy blue suit. Collective "awe" from us. You can sign up to be notified about more information on SWEPT 2015 here. Here's what else happened this week:
  • We celebrated Canada Day on Tuesday with picnics and fireworks under Edmonton's High Level Bridge. Today: Happy 4th of July to our American friends and customers! We're still celebrating YOU with a $25 discount on all blue and red shoes. Offer expires tonight at 11:59 pm MST!
  • Our founders, Kendall and Justine, left today for the Sinister 7 relay race. That's 100 miles in Alberta's Rocky Mountains and they have 30 hours to complete it. We cheered from afar (see us doing so below). Talk about inspiring!
  • Our #PBAmbassador, Nicole, created this adorable Instagram video for us in her Green With Envy Classic Points (curious about the count? There's 55 pairs left!).
  • We launched an official Poppy Barley Referral Program! Receive a $15 credit for each friend that makes a purchase. Friends you refer will receive free shipping on their orders. Friends who shop together, stay together.
  • We received a shipment of new Fall samples! (More block heels and/or animal prints may or may not be coming...)
  • To kick off the Calgary Stampede, Vitamin Daily featured our Limited Edition Collection 02. Wahoo! (We hear that's the modern-day Yeehaw!)
  • Speaking of our Limited Edition Collection 02, there's only 10 more days to get in on our Pinterest contest with ATB and Ania B., where you could WIN $500 in custom shoes by putting together your favourite Stampede-inspired looks. Go here for more details.
And here's what we're reading:
  • The Skimm. This is all you need to know. Really. Sign up for their daily newsletter and get all the world's news condensed into one quick + cheeky morning read. Headlines include: Quotes of the Day; What to Bring Up When There's a Silence at a Dinner Party; and Things To Know (like the word, "Darty: Yes this is actually what people call a “day party.” You don’t have to support the lingo, but you will support the cause in 24 hours.")
From the office: Poppy Barley team cheers on founders Kendall and Justine Barber in the Sinister 7 relay race.

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