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[CLOSED] Pin to Win: My Perfect Saturday With Poppy Barley

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We've got a very exciting collaboration, contest and giveaway in store for you: meet San Francisco-based designer and stylist Caitlin Flemming of We made Caitlin The Everyday City Boot in black, and she took them out on an adventure with her mom and cousin around San Francisco for a day, titled "My Perfect Saturday", which she describes in full here. She also created a dreamy Pinterest board of the same name illustrating what she'd love to do on a perfect Saturday in her Poppy Barley boots. We created one too, and now it's time for you to create yours. You can win a pair of made to measure Poppy Barley boots (worth $450), plus $550 towards anything else you pin on your own “Perfect Saturday” board. Here's how to enter: 1. Follow Poppy Barley and Caitlin Flemming on Pinterest. 2. Create you very own Pinterest board named “My Perfect Saturday”. 3. Pin your favorite pair of Poppy Barley boots and anything else that would make for a Perfect Saturday in your eyes. This could be your favorite restaurant, clothes that make up an outfit, a trip to a museum, you name it, just pin it! 4. Go back to the original Sacramento Street post and leave a comment on which were your favorite pair of boots and link back to your Pinterest board. 5. Be sure to add this quote – “#PBperfectsaturday with @CaitlinFlemming and @PoppyBarley” to all your images. 6. Keep pinning for the duration of the contest because we’ll be judging on which board we think embraced their Perfect Saturday the best. Good luck! Contest closes April 15th. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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