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Introducing Poppy Barley's Heeled Boots Collection

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Over 60% of women struggle to find boots that fit. Those days are over.

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Truly life-changing purchase for a woman with big shins who needs good boots and works in fashion.

–Erin H

I've worn them a few times and they fit great! I'm quite pleased with them and the turquoise lining was a pleasant surprise (and secretly my favorite part of the boots!).”

–Tina L

It was so nice to actually be able to zip the boots past my calves. They are awesome and I'm telling everyone about them.

–Erin P

With very high arches, large ankles and calves, heel spurs and an extra bone on the top of my foot I can very rarely find boots to fit. No pressure points, no rubbing and a perfect fit all around make these boots one of a kind

–Amelia S (High arches, large ankles and calves)

This is the first time in forty some odd years I have put on foot wear that did not pinch, give me a blister or fall off my feet.

–Marilyn K

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boots! They fit perfect which has always been a disaster for me.

–Sarah P

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Why is it so difficult to find boots and shoes that actually fit?

This was the nagging question that lead sisters Justine & Kendall Barber to build Poppy Barley Made to Measure. Over 60% of women struggle to find footwear that fits—hindered by an array of grievances, from wider–than–average calves to narrow feet and high arches. This is because mass manufacturers take only one standard measurement into consideration: foot length. As a result, women often settle for off-the-rack boots and shoes that fit poorly. In fact, most don’t even know what a properly fitted shoe should feel like.

In February 2012, Poppy Barley set out to change this.

Fusing tradition and technology, Poppy Barley makes luxury, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind made to measure boots and shoes. Available at a price point unheard of in the bespoke industry, our footwear is customized to your exact measurements and style specifications for a perfect fit. At last, function and fashion have truly coalesced. Read more about our story.

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Introducing Poppy Barley’s Heeled Boots Collection.

Start designing your heeled boots

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