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New(ish) Dads of Poppy Barley

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There is no guidebook for becoming a dad. Even the most seasoned and competent planner is going to have a host of curveballs thrown his way in the first few years (and the next several decades too, if we’re being honest).
Here at Poppy Barley, we’re no stranger to the elations, shocks, and straight up oddities that come from welcoming a new baby into the home. In the last year alone, four brand-new PB babies have joined the team (honorary members only. We don’t employ babies, FYI), making it a total of five kiddos for the staff to fuss over. We give a lot of love to the moms of Poppy Barley, but we can’t forget about the men.

We asked the new dads of Poppy Barley what was the single biggest shock they’ve faced since bringing their baby home. Here’s what they had to say:


“How far a baby can poop! Like, get out the measuring tape! On a more serious note though, I was surprised at how supportive, involved and generous friends and family are when you have a baby. They say it takes a village, but it's amazing when the village actually shows up!”

Mike’s pick:

The Vancouver Chukka in Black

Mike a Poppy Barley Dad


“I’ve come to realize how much I used to take eight consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep for granted, although I'm starting to enjoy partaking in the mid-morning nap after a sleepless night. In all honesty, though, the biggest surprise to me is how much I've enjoyed becoming a parent. I was never one to embrace the concept of fatherhood and was never sure that I even wanted children. I also had an ingrained fear of holding or dropping a baby. But since having little Monroe, I really can't picture my life without her. The whole process of becoming a father brought me closer to my wife, my parents, and made me more in tune with my previous work-life imbalances that had just started to become the norm. I now rush home from work every night to see her, or if I get back after she goes to bed, I find myself peeking through her bedroom door to make sure she's safe. Monroe has reminded me that life is about developing, learning, exploring, and laughing. It's about sharing a cinnamon bun together on our morning walks, and not needing to tell mom (I'm sure that this will change when she can talk).”

Ross’ pick:

The Toronto Brogue in Tan

Ross a Poppy Barley Dad


“I was surprised that I didn't mind changing diapers - it was just about getting him clean again and not gross. Same with getting up in the middle of the night - it wasn't as bad as I expected.”

Connor’s pick:

The Vancouver Chukka in Navy

Connor a Poppy Barley Dad


“Being a parent is hard! Even harder than tax law! In all seriousness, that moment when you hold your child for the first time...well, there is just nothing better in the whole world.”

Rob’s pick:

The Edmonton Oxford in Grey

Connor a Poppy Barley Dad

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