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Good Reads: 7 Children's Books You (and Your Kids) Have To Read

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Poppy Barley Uptown Boot in brown. Poppy Barley offers made-to-measure boots for men and women. Custom widths for narrow, wide and standard feet, with calf-fitting tall boots. It’s Week Four in our “Good Reads” series (inspired by our bookshop-themed lookbook, pictured above), and this one’s a trip down memory lane. We had so much fun putting this list together for you; from The Berenstain Bears series to Dr. Seuss and those one-off fairytales no one else has ever heard of, here's 7 Children's Books You (and Your Kids) Have to Read (even if you're an adult!), as recommended by the Poppy Barley team. (If you’re curious about our last three “Good Reads” round-ups on motivation, fiction and food, go here, here and here.) 1. But No Elephants by Jerry Smath Why You Should Read It: The hilarious story of Grandma Tildy who lives alone and welcomes nearly every type of pet into her house, BUT NO ELEPHANTS. As a kid it made me laugh; as an adult I see a beautiful story of kindness. My mom probably still knows the words to this book from reading it to me so many times! - Kendall, Co-founder 2. Oh, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss Why You Should Read It: I loved this book because it sparked a sense of adventure and determination in me from an early age... and well, I like a good rhyme! - Breanne, Customer Insights Associate 3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle Why You Should Read It: This was one of my son's favourite books for years. I love the illustration style. - Daelan, Developer 4. The Magic School Bus Series by Joanna Cole Why You Should Read It: Imagine taking field trips in elementary school to the solar system, clouds, the past, and the human body! And having a teacher whose outfits and shoes are brilliantly coordinated for each adventure! These books are such a genius combination of adventure and learning that I wish I was Joanna Cole so I could claim credit for writing them. - Justine, Co-founder 5. The Magic Porridge Pot by Vera Southgate Why You Should Read It: An adult might tell you this story is about greed, but I just saw a magic porridge pot that saved a poor family, and accidentally flooded a small town when the family forgot the magic words to make it stop cooking! Make sure you get the Ladybird Books edition because the illustrations are what really made this book enchanting for me (plus, it brings back happy memories of getting up early to make porridge with my grandpa in our pyjamas!). - Caroline, Community Manager 6. Stanley by Syd Hoff Why You Should Read It: This was one of my favourite books as a child. Stanley is a caveman who is unlike any of the other cavemen and therefore is chased away. Because he is different, he starts to innovate to deal with caveman problems, like cold caves, and makes a lovely home. Soon, the other cavemen see the smart things Stanley has done and he becomes the hero. A lovely story about a non-conformist! - Monica, Brand Design Manager 7. The Berenstain Bears Series by Jan and Stan Berenstain Why You Should Read It: I read at least 50 of these books growing up! These books follow a family of bears living in a Treehouse, where brother and sister bear learn many life lessons. (Click the title above and you can actually VISIT the Treehouse!) - Danielle, Customer Care Intern

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