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Why Every Woman Should Own Poppy Barley Ankle Boots

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Ankle boots top my list of must-haves for fall. For almost a year, I waited patiently for Poppy Barley’s collection of ankle boots to be released. It takes many wear-tests and iterations to perfect the design, fit and materials, and on top of that—to my size 8 dismay—our samples are always made in a size 7 first (for photography) and then a size 9 (for the model). The Look: Why Every Woman Should Own Poppy Barley Ankle Boots It wasn't until July 2014 that I excitedly received my first two pairs of Poppy Barley ankle boots – The Classic Bootie in Black and the Classic Ankle Bootie in our sold out, limited edition Blue Jean Baby leather. And of course, I have the Chelsea Boots in Ruby Red on the way! So, why are these ankle boots so amazing?! Why should you own a pair of Poppy Barley ankle boots?! Let me break it down for you:
  1. Fashion: Ankle boots have worked their way onto the feet of everyone in the fashion-know. From Vancouver to New York, from the West Coast to the East--we've been seeing them everywhere during our travels in the last year. They should be on your feet as well - because there's function at work here, too! Read on.
  1. Versatility: I’m in the style camp that what we wear everyday matters; it communicates a lot about who we are. I believe in owning less and investing in pieces I truly love. Because I like to keep my wardrobe edited and luxe, my footwear needs to coordinate with a wide variety of looks: be it for casual activities on the weekends, photo shoots, press events, or everyday meetings. My ankle boots are the hardest working footwear in my closet. They look great paired-down and dressed-up. They can be styled for a laissez-faire casual look or a fashionable business look.
  1. I’m Too Busy for Sore Feet: My Poppy Barley ankle boots are so freakin’ comfortable! I always prefer to walk. I often kiss my husband goodbye in the morning and return home 15 hours later. I need one pair of shoes to make the day’s journey with me. I’m too busy for sore feet. Poppy Barley ankle boots rock my jam-packed days with me – in total, stylish comfort.
  1. Travel: Lately, I’m always boarding a plane. My preference is always carry-on. While I love my Poppy Barley boots, they are not carry-on suitcase friendly. If I travel with them, they’re on my feet (and zipped off at security). Ankle boots (and multiple pairs) pack so nicely into a weekender bag or small suitcase.
  1. All Year Round: I wear ankle boots in winter, spring, summer and fall. The same cannot be said for my birkenstocks, boots, high heels or flats. It's truly the perfect shoe for every season. So, bring on the cold or the heat, this is a purchase I will never regret.
The Look: Why Every Woman Should Own Poppy Barley Ankle Boots

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