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Black Lives Matter

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We should have done more—and we're moving forward with our eyes and hearts wide open.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been listened, learned, and amplified. The horrifying injustices killing George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery—unfortunately, only a few names of an exhaustive list— have left us saddened, angered, and fuelled to make a change. We’ve also reflected on Canada’s history rooted in racism, and addressed the injustices that have targeted our Indigenous and Black communities. 

A global movement has sparked. We are inspired by all the people taking action and demanding change, through protests, petitions, calling politicians, educating themselves, and others, among other activities. These are the biggest protests since the civil rights movement and they are inspiring hope and creating change.

As a company, brand, and people, we will be actively anti-racist, use our voice, and pull up a chair at the table for BIPOC. We are committed to the fight for racial equality. 

Actions we’re taking: 

By August 30, 2020:
  1. Updating our core values to include a diversity and inclusivity statement that becomes a filter for every decision we make as a company.

  2. Providing current and future staff with mandatory anti-racist, unconscious bias and inclusivity training. 

  3. Updating recruiting and hiring policies to actively seek out diverse candidates.

  4. Creating an anti-racism and diversity checklist and agreement when vetting future brand partners, influencers, contractors, sponsorships, etc.

Going forward:
  1. Celebrating diversity in our marketing campaigns and social platforms, including race, age, size, orientation, and ability. 

  2. Using our platforms to advocate for the BIPOC community.

We vow to continue to do better and to keep educating ourselves. Please correct us if we misstep. We also welcome any suggestions and feedback. 

Photo Credit: Clay Banks

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