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Announcing a Winner and Creating a Perfect Saturday

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"My perfect Saturday means waking at my leisure and starting the day with pep in my step. It's sunny outside and spring is in the air. I go for a walk with my sweetie and our dog and we slowly wind our way through NYC enjoying all the city has to offer. All the while, I'm wearing the most stylish and comfortable boots - Poppy Barley's Everyday City Boot. Thanks to PB and Sacramento Street for giving me a chance to make my perfect Saturday come to life!" - Hillary
Congratulations to Hillary, the winner of our "Perfect Saturday" Pinterest contest and giveaway with Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street! These are just a few images from her winning board. In total, upwards of 150 boards were created, and we, along with Caitlin, didn't realize what an undertaking it would be to select the best. There were so many outstanding entries - further affirmation in our belief that the Poppy Barley customer is a dynamic woman with a lust for life, travel, adventure, and beautiful things. It was Hillary's NYC-centred Pinterest board, however - which included exploring the city after brunch at Fiat Cafe with friends, a quick visit to Flower Girl N.Y.C. for some fresh blooms, downtime with her puppy, an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, the Surfing Mimosa Earring by Aurelie Bidermann, a cream purse by Chloé, and finally, Poppy Barley's Everday City Boot in black - that was particularly dreamy , and we can't wait to make it a reality for her! Hillary has won The Everyday City Boot, made to hear measurements, and $550 towards anything else she envisioned making up a Perfect Saturday in her eyes. Thank you to all those who entered! Stay tuned for more fun...

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