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8 Poppy Barley Blog Posts to Catch Up On

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With more time on our hands these days, we’re finding ourselves scrolling endlessly through our archives of fun for memories to serve as a distraction. Anyone reminiscing over their last vacay in the deepest depths of their camera roll? Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our favourite blog posts for some light quarantine reading in the hopes of sparking a little joy and productivity.

So here’s your mid-morning distraction from your inbox—best served with a cup of coffee and some peace and quiet. 

1. 10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Looking for something new to keep you entertained while on your daily walks? Tune in now.  

2. 5 Steps to a Successful Closet Edit 

There’s no time like the present. Make Marie Kondo proud with just 5 easy steps

3. In Her Shoes: Shay Merritt

Jillian Harris’s Managing Director, Shay Merritt,  spills all the details on what it's like working for “Team Jilly.” 

4. In His Shoes: Andrew Ference 

Read about life after the NHL in our interview with hockey star and Harvard scholar, Andrew Ference. 


5. All The Cocktail Recipes You Need This Summer 

Patio season isn’t canceled—dive into the recipes you need to host your own backyard (solo) patio party. 

6. Poppy Barley Makes Custom Cheerleading Boots for NFL 

Humblebrag! Read about how we help outfit NFL cheerleaders, and how it all started with a simple google search. 

7. What It’s Like Working As a Stylist in Canada

Talia Brown tells us all about what it's like working as a fashion stylist in Canada—the good, the bad, and ALL the returns!

8. Six Must-Stop-Stare-and-Awe Spots in Bend, Oregon

Take a virtual vacation or start daydreaming about your next road trip to Central Oregon.


Looking for more reading material? Find a library of blogs for you to peruse here.

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