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5 Minutes With: Christine Amorose

4-minute read

Christine Amorose - C'est Christine

Who’s walking around in Poppy Barley shoes? Here, we spend 5 minutes with our customers to find out who they are and what they do.

Name: Christine Amorose Occupation: Account Manager in Brand Partnerships at Vimeo, Blogger at C'est Christine Home: New York, NY I Own: Poppy Barley's Everyday City Boot in Black

Describe your typical work day. I'm an account manager in brand partnerships at Vimeo. Essentially, I help connect big brands with independent filmmakers to create awesome videos. My typical workday starts with a coffee date with a friend and a wander around the streets of West Village (likely searching for doors to Instagram!). Once I get to work, my day is a mix of meetings with brands and filmmakers and mostly writing a lot of emails. After work, I usually go to a yoga class or to the gym and then grab dinner with my boyfriend. I spend a lot of late evenings in bed with my laptop, wrapping up a blog post.

Poppy Barley Christine Amorose

Describe your dream weekend. My absolute dream weekend would be somewhere in the Caribbean, with a good book and a tropical cocktail and my toes in the sand! In New York, my dream weekend involves coffee and bagels, a walk or bike ride in Central Park, watching the sun set from the top of the Empire State Building, checking out a new museum exhibit or art gallery and then discovering a new restaurant with delicious cocktails. Honestly, I feel so grateful that so many of my weekends in New York City really do feel like dream weekends!

Poppy Barley Christine Amorose

What's one thing you like most about living in New York? What are your top three "musts" while visiting? I love the energy of New York City. It's a tough thing to describe, but everyone who lives here really, really wants it; my friend once said that nowhere else is it an accomplishment just to live in a city. There's such an interesting, diverse range of people in really cool industries: fashion, tech, publishing, the arts--everyone is just doing awesome stuff, and it's inspiring to soak up their energy and drive. My top three when visiting New York City: sail to the Statue of Liberty at sunset, go to the Top of the Rock and wander around Central Park (here's my "perfect weekend in New York" itinerary for more ideas!).

Poppy Barley Christine Amorose

If you could host a dinner party with anyone--dead or alive--who would be on the guest list? What would you cook for them? Honestly, I'm usually just so happy to host a dinner party for my boyfriend and a small group of friends. I think I'd be most excited if I could have a dinner party in Brooklyn with a few of my friends scattered across the globe, from my hometown of Sacramento to ones that I met living in France and Australia. My go-to dinner party plan: starting with a bottle of champagne (it makes any day a celebration!), crusty bread and a variety of cheeses, then my dad's famous lasagne recipe with a salad and a glass of red wine, and following up with fancy gelato and fresh berries.

Poppy Barley Christine Amorose

Describe your experience wearing your Poppy Barley boots. I was actually incredibly surprised because I have such a tough time with tall boots because they never seem to fit my calf width or height right, and I'm also very wary about buying shoes online. All of that said: my Poppy Barley Everyday Boots have been incredibly comfortable from the minute I took them out of the box (which is key with how much walking I do around New York City) and I think they're just going to get better with age.

Poppy Barley Christine Amorose

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