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Volume Fifteen

Always Moving Forward

Founder's Letter

Progress, Not Perfection

Progress, not perfection. We live by these words at Poppy Barley. Perfection is paralyzing; progress is encouraging. In the past few months, we’ve reached some incredible milestones on our journey and are more motivated than ever to boldly impact our communities, people, customers and the environment.

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The Conversation

Our Chance at a Long, Healthy, Happy Life

Larry Simpson is a man set out to make a difference on our planet and will encourage you to do the same. Learn more about The Footprint Fund partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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The Read - We're a B Corp! Cheers to a Sustainable Milestone - The Magazine - Poppy Barley
The Read

We’re a B Corp! Cheers to a Sustainable Milestone

Our founder, Justine, announces our new Benefit Corporation Certification and shares the inspiration behind reaching this sustainable milestone. She digs deeper into what the title really means for the environment, community and our customers.

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The Look - Responsible Fashion - Franc - Poppy Barley
The Look

8 Responsible Fashion Changemakers you Need to Know About

Instead of choosing convenience, we’re choosing to be thoughtful about the products we purchase and the impact they have. Learn about some of our most-loved responsible fashion brands and how they’re transforming the industry.

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The Conversation

In Her Shoes: Marielle Elizabeth

A voice for slow fashion and size inclusivity, Marielle advocates for brands to take responsibility of their business practices. We sat down with Marielle to discuss why slow fashion begins with you, the consumer.

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The Product

Here’s What Ethical Manufacturing Means at Poppy Barley

Behind everything you wear, including your shoes, is a person with a sewing machine. Here, our co-founder, Justine, shares our approach to screening our suppliers and factories.

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