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Volume Fourteen

Structure and Function

Founder's Letter

Seasons Change, and So Do We

September always brings a return to habit. The nonchalant days of summer slip away and our cool-weather, life routines re-emerge. The structure is a welcoming return to the purposeful lives we’re building. During the process, I also become very aware of what’s not working. The same thing happens with companies.

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Interior Design Guide: Making the Usable, Beautiful
The Tutorial

Interior Design Guide: Making the Usable, Beautiful

Two design and construction experts explain how to build a functional and beautiful interior.

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The Product

Fall Fashion Roundup: Timeless is the new Trendy

Trends come and go, but good design is forever. The biggest fashion trend for Fall 2018 is functional, versatile, and wearable pieces.

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How to Build a Brand - Poppy Barley
The Read

Building a Brand

Nailing down a brand identity—whether it’s a logo, font, or online presence—is not an easy thing, and changing course on an already established persona can be even more difficult. After six years of business, Poppy Barley took on the monumental task of throwing everything out to debut its rebrand.

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The Conversation

In His Shoes: Jesse Kupina

We sat down to chat with Jesse Kupina, a Gastro-Pub Innovator and Nightclub Guru. In plain-speak, he’s the Co-Owner/Founder of Central Social Hall and The Ranch Roadhouse in Edmonton, Alberta.

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