Poppy Barley

Our Impact

Our Impact

Together, we are part of a larger social movement of shifting consumer priorities towards buying less, and buying better.

Certified B Corporations

Poppy Barley is a certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Certified B Corporations are a forward-thinking businesses that balance purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.

We are a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.


Behind every product there is a person. We will always share their story with you—and make sure it’s a good one.

We are founded, owned and led by women.

We make retail human by ensuring all people, from the factory floor to the retail floor, are paid a living wage and treated fairly.

Our products are ethically manufactured in Brazil and Mexico, where artisanal talent flourishes. We build long-term relationships with our factories to provide permanent, secure employment for artisans and 100% of our factories meet our Code of Conduct for working conditions. This ensures a living wage, full-time permanent employment with health care, pension benefits and fair hours. We also ensure there are absolutely no human rights violations and working conditions are safe.

To explore deeper, read our Factories page.



The status quo is not sustainable. We exist to shatter it.


We believe the future does not, and cannot look like the present.

Fashion is the planet’s second most polluting industry, after fossil fuel production. We’re prepared to roll up our sleeves and impact traditional standards.

Each year we publish a Sustainability Report to share our goals for making our business more sustainable–and a year later– follow up with the results. Read our 2019 Sustainability Report.

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper products and we ship in dust bags instead of plastic. We donate or recycle all leftover product to partners like Soles4Souls, Suit Herself and in our annual shoe drive, provide a discount for customers who donate any pair of gently-worn shoes.

We’ve adopted Environmentally Preferred Purchasing (EPP) policies at our head office and retail locations for all disposable purchases including paper and cleaning supplies. We choose to recycle and wash dishes to make daily progression towards a more sustainable future.

We believe in progress, not perfection. Perfection is paralyzing and prevents progress—we are not perfect and want to be radically transparent.


Made by real people, for real people.

We make shoes for men and women too busy taking on the world to have sore feet.

Our shoes are designed to be the workhorse of your wardrobe and the foundation of your chic, effortless style. We believe in buying less and buying better, yet still being playful with our fashion choices.

By only selling directly through our own stores and online, we avoid traditional retail markups. On average, traditional retailers mark up their products 5 to 6 times; us, roughly half of this.

We believe in fair mark-ups and prices that are driven by quality, not ad buys and logos.

We refuse to take shortcuts and instead, use all leather components and top-grain leathers—you can feel the difference this makes.

Focusing on size inclusivity, we offer, in most styles, women’s foot size 5 to 12 and men’s sizes 5 to 15. Most of our best-selling shoes are also offered in narrow and wide widths. With over sixty percent of women struggling to find boots that fit, we offer made-to-order boots in calf sizes 36 to 46 cm to accommodate.



We donate 1% of sales back to our communities.


Welcome to a new socially responsible era.

Past partners include Lois Hole Hospital for Women, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Mazankowski Heart Centre, Norquest College, Soles4Souls and the Mexican Red Cross.

Our community extends into the places we manufacture. Extremely high interest rates, in some cases 20-50% for business loans, are a barrier for our partners in Mexico. We have, and will continue to, provide low-interest loans to one factory annually. Our goal is to support our partners and help them improve their factory conditions. Whether it’s installing a new ventilation system or solar panels, we’re committed to a long-term partnership program.