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Vancouver Travel Guide: Explore The City Like A Local

2-minute read

Vancouver is truly one-of-a-kind. A bustling metropolis set amidst panoramic mountain views and nestled amongst lush vegetation and stunning coastal shores. There is no wonder that it continues to be one of Canada’s most beloved travel destinations. In a city filled with some of the top restaurants, shops, and attractions in the country, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. To help streamline the process, we asked two Vancouver insiders to share their best-of-the-best picks for where to eat, shop, and see when visiting the city. The Tour Guides We reached out to two of our favourite Vancouverites to give us the low-down on how to properly tour the city. As young and vibrant urban professionals, Melanie Auld and Nikki Smith represent the new spirit of Vancouver. Melanie Auld and Nikki Smith in The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley Meet Melanie, Designer and owner of Vancouver-based Melanie Auld Jewelry. Melanie's impeccable taste and eye for design translates through her gorgeous creations that are beloved by her customers and audience across the country. Melanie is spending her summer in her Niagara Mules in Almond, and with her new puppy, Louie! Melanie Auld in The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley Meet Nikki. Once an Alberta native and founder of Sculpt Barre Studio (boss lady!), Nikki is now the Director of Brand Development for Melanie Auld in Vancouver. She is loving her Niagra Mules in Black. Nikkie Smith in The Niagara Cross Mule - Poppy Barley Where To…


Melanie: I rarely leave The Cross empty handed! My home décor can attest to that! The Cross - Vancouver Travel Guide Editor’s Note: In addition to gorgeous home decor, you can also shop Melanie Auld Jewelery at The Cross. It is a must-stop shop for us at Poppy Barley whenever we are in town :) The Cross - Vancouver Travel Guide - Poppy Barley Nikki: Old Faithful is a really amazing lifestyle shop. Old Faithful - Vancouver Travel Guide - Poppy Barley


Melanie: Vancouver has such a great food scene! Bao Bei tops my list for sure. Bao Bei - Vancouver Travel Guide Nikki: Beaucoup Bakery has a salted caramel blondie that makes a girl weak in the knees! Beaucoup Bakery - Vancouver Travel Guide


Melanie: I spend a lot of time at Pacific Spirit Park. It’s so relaxing! Pacific Spirit Park - Vancouver Travel Guide - Poppy Barley Nikki: Kitsilano Beach! The dog park, tennis courts, or just tossing a ball around on the beach. It’s definitely my happy place. Kitsilano Beach - Vancouver Travel Guide - Poppy Barley This is the second post in a series of Canadian Summer vacation guides. Keep checking back each week to see where we go to next!

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