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The Best Handbags for Women Who Do Things

2-minute read

You can have it all–in one handbag. We’ve rounded up our favourite mid-sized handbags that make the perfect everyday sidekick to carry your essentials and more. Design-forward details make them a wardrobe staple that you can cool-up any outfit, and thank us later!
Fold Top Bucket Bag Black

The Fold-Top Bucket Bag

Owned By: Kendall, Co-Founder

What Makes it Great: I’m not one to switch bags from day to night, so I carry a stylish bag that goes from a day full of meetings to drinks with friends. This bucket bag is spacious but not too large. It fits my wallet, lip gloss, phone, keys, notebook, pen, snack and a small water bottle thanks to the bag’s taller shape. Having water on me makes me so happy. And when I knock the bag over, nothing falls out thanks to the magnetic fold-top lid.

Knot Satchel

The Knot Satchel

Owned By: Kalie, Product Design Lead

What Makes it Great: This bag makes me feel like I am put together on the outside even if I am scrambling to finish my to-do list on the inside. I love the size of this purse as it allows me to carry all of my daily necessities plus my analog Rollbahn Notebook and my current page turner book.

Mini Knot Tote

The Mini Knot Tote

Owned By: Marina, Community Lead

What Makes it Great: The Mini Knot Tote sits by my front door and receives constant use, even after 2.5 years of owning it! It’s my go-to bag for day-to-day activities when I want to look a bit more put-together thanks to the knot detailing. I really appreciate the roominess of the bag and inner pockets, which can hold a small water bottle, phone, wallet, and more lip balm than I care to admit.

Right Size Tote

The Right Size Tote

Owned By: Justine, Co-Founder

What Makes it Great: When the first sample of this bag came in, I took it home. After using it for a week, I knew it was a hit. I wasn’t surprised when the bag sold out in 48 hours. It’s just so easy, it does everything you need a bag to do while forgetting you’re even carrying a bag. It’s lightweight, cradles perfectly under the arm and is just the right size for my stuff.

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