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Raise Her Up: Karen Lee

2-minute read

Meet Karen Lee, half of the visionary behind Vancouver-based LEZÉ The Label. Karen and her business partner Tanya began LEZÉ The Label in 2018 after feeling inspired by the thought of all-day pyjama comfort – "What if we could create workwear that was recycled, comfortable, and looked presentable?" they thought. Karen's goal is to inspire women of all professions to navigate their career paths freely, and to deliver comfortable, easy-to-style garments to help them do so. 

LEZÉ The Label's values are freedom, honesty, and sustainability, and we are continuously impressed with their beautiful designs crafted of innovative materials (think coffee grounds, beach trees, and fishnets!)

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start my day at 8:30 am but until 11 am, my phone is on airplane mode. Then, most of my day looks like changing a million positions on the couch with my laptop for 8-10 hours. When I am on the move, I'm either going to the warehouse, jumping on Zoom calls, or making videos (which is my favourite thing to do!)

Why is sustainable fashion important to you?

I'm a huge believer in progression over perfection when it comes to taking care of our Earth. Since we can't walk around naked, what we wear is a great place to start! 

Karen Lee Leze the Label
Karen Lee Leze the Label

Why did you choose the Market Mule and Mini Knot Tote?

Versatility is important to me because I'm a lazy dresser. The Mini Knot Tote is like 2 purses in 1, and I can easily transition the Market Mule from meetings to outdoor picnics. 

What exciting things/designs are planned next for LEZÉ the Label?

We have a special collab with someone who lives and breathes LEZE rolling out in the summer. It's a colour you'd never expect us to do. In the Fall, stay tuned for a new fabric blend that we've never released before. We'll give you a hint: it feels like cashmere, but it isn't. 

Karen Lee LEZE the Label

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