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Raise Her Up: Chantell Ghosh

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For International Women's Day, we're partnering with DirectHer Network to celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness against bias and, and take action for equality. 

To celebrate, we have partnered with ten remarkable women who are breaking the barriers of change and empowering more female participation in the boardroom. 

Chantell Ghosh

Executive Director, Citadel Theatre, and Board Chair, Explore Edmonton.

Chantell's superpower is Creative Strategy. Tell her where you are and where you want to be, and she can chart a path in the most unexpected ways. Throughout Chantell's career and work on various boards, she has been a change agent, an instrument for transformation – always from a place of collaboration and community engagement.

Chantell Ghosh

I Choose to Challenge:

The idea that our choices are always “either/or” – you can have a great career, or a healthy marriage, you can look after others or look after yourself.

For the Future I Hope:

For a world where we all bring the totality of who we are to what we do. A future where we do not have to edit our history, experience, personal situation, fashion, sense of humour, cultural background, or challenges to meet expectations.

I hope for the ability for all women to be 100% authentic and make what our perceived “mess” is, our “message” out in the world. Because that is our strength, our humanity, our compassion for self and others – and that will change the world.

Photography by Dallas Curow.

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