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Poppy Barley Weekly 27

5-minute read

Hot Air Balloon Festival, Mexico Greetings from Mexico!!! We are freezing!! I know our 0ºC are not impressing for Canada, but for us, it's just too much, too soon! Luckily, it has been a busy, busy week for us, so we don't feel as cold. Here's what's happening in León:
  • Our city has just been the host of the biggest hot air balloon festival in Latin America a couple of weeks ago and León is just recovering from the excitement and visit of thousands of tourists. Take a look.
  • We started this week by attending the 5th World Footwear Congress that was hosted by León at the beginning of this week. We had the chance to listen and imagine how the consumer of 2030 will be; their needs and expectations. We could also listen to shoe-related international trade issues. Really interesting!
  • As every week, I am measuring every single one of your boots and checking the smallest detail on shoes, to make sure they are all that you expect. How I wish I could see your face when you open your box!
  • These past days, we have had soooo many boxes to wrap… This always happens during our busiest season so we are getting used to it :) and as soon as I finish with the QC, Anna is ready with lots of assembled Poppy Barley boxes and carefully protects and snugs all our Poppy Barley's shoes in their boxes. She does an amazing and super fast packing/box wrapping job.
  • We have been doing some supplier research, looking around for nice leathers and leather colours to offer you next spring. Found several amazing animal prints, flower and butterfly pattern leathers… Stay tuned!
  • We met several extraordinary purse makers and are slowly cooking a new product line surprise from Poppy Barley. So exciting!
  • Lupita (our factory manager) has worked on getting all men's line patterns ready, as we get closer to the launching day we have taken care of every detail, so gents feet are pampered as they deserve.
  • Last, but not least, we spent quite a few time replenishing our raw material inventories, so we are absolutely sure to have everything for any size that you might need :)
  • I leave you some photos of our super talented team in Mexico! And our hot air balloons!
- Laura, Operations Manager Poppy Barley Factory - Leon, Mexico Poppy Barley Factory - Leon, Mexico Poppy Barley Factory - Leon, Mexico Poppy Barley Factory - Leon, Mexico Here's what's happening in Edmonton:
  • We are freezing!! It's -20ºC today, and will be -27ºC all weekend. We've received 2 feet of snow in the last 24 hours. Traffic is tortuous, cars are getting stuck, buses are sliding down hills. But we're still at work! It's officially an Edmonton winter.
  • If you are experiencing cold temperatures too and need a virtual getaway, read this interview with our co-founder, Justine, over at Trip Styler, where she talks about fusing business/leisure trips to Mexico. Includes where-to-stay-and-dine recommendations and a look inside into our factory!
  • We were featured in the Globe & Mail Style section last Saturday! What a way to mark our second birthday. Thanks to Carley Fortune for including us!
  • Check. Out. Those. Ruby Red Chelsea Boots! Lindsay over at Over My Styled Body styled her Poppy Barleys impeccably. For a person with, what she refers to as, "baby feet", custom shoe sizes are godsent. We would like the entire outfit, please.
  • Have you started Christmas shopping yet? We were also featured at The Gift Guide!
  • We called in Adam Rozenhart for some voiceover work for our Poppy Barley Men's Collection video. Our Men's Collection is so official, it just got an Instagram and Twitter account. We are launching in beta ANY DAY NOW, which means you'll need an invitation to gain access. Sign up here.
  • Our Dec. 6th popup at Vine Styles in Calgary is fully booked! So we added another date: Join us at The Heather Co. on Friday, Dec. 5th, from 2pm-8pm. The Heather Co. is also generously offering a 25% discount! Book here.
  • Those who attended our popup shop in Vancouver in September have been receiving their boots and it is so exciting to watch via Instagram! Thanks to Elaine and Taylor from the Local Wanderer for their photos this week.
  • Here are five ways to bring Poppy Barley into your life this holiday season.
Stay warm! -Caroline, Community Manager PoppyBarley-Weekly-27

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