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Poppy Barley Weekly 01

4-minute read

Poppy Barley Weekly 01 We want to start sharing an inside look at Poppy Barley – insights that go beyond product launches and collaborations, but also include the connections, inspirations and daily events that shape the company. A weekly diary of sorts. This was the first week in over a month that the entire Canadian Poppy Barley team was together in our tiny 400 sq ft office in Edmonton. After the whirlwind of design events and recent trips to New York, it was a heads-down, work-like-crazy kind of week (thankfully it rained all week making it easy to be inside working). What did we do this week:
  • We launched a beautiful newly designed website (and we're winning the battle against some bugs/errors. Thanks for your patience!)
  • Our first limited edition collection is selling fast!
  • The product release I've been waiting for: ankle boots. (We can't stop with "bootie" jokes!)
  • Our Sunrise Confetti Modern Mary Jane flats looked stunning on Jillian Harris (she’s been such a great supporter from the start. Thanks Jillian!).
  • We finalized all leather colours until December. (Thanks for your feedback at our Design Events.)
It’s been a good week. I see beers and patios on the forecast for the weekend.

Poppy Barley Weekly 01

Other fun things:

  • Our office got a Ping Pong table! #BelieveInYourself
  • Our friends at Paperleaf put out a Design Weekly. It’s the most charming (read: funny + sarcastic) email you’ll find in your inbox every Friday morning. Go sign-up.
  • Our new favourite breakfast spot in Calgary? Over Easy. To die for.
  • Do you live in Saskatchewan? We’re considering a Poppy Barley road trip to Saskatoon + Regina. Can you help us? Best shops? Great places to eat? Cool bloggers? Have ideas to share, please email our community manager at caroline@poppybarley.com.
  • We’re a little embarrassed to admit, we just discovered In the Fun Lane – a style/décor/travel blog. Given Holly lives in Edmonton, we’re planning a full fledge fun attack to make Holly our friend. If you live in Edmonton, Holly is hosting a Be Crafty Workshop on June 14 where you’ll gold foil, dip-dye and water color pots, canvas bags and note cards.
  • We were featured at Capitol Hill Style today - thanks to genuine word of mouth and true PB fans. Thank you!
  • An oldie, but goodie. This Tumblr on startups makes us laugh. A lot.
  • Thank you Hitha for the art of packing light for an overnight trip. The more time I spend traveling, the less I pack.

What we’re reading this week:

Op-Ed | In Fashion E-Commerce, Service is the Key Differentiator I agree 100% with this statement “e-commerce is ripe for disruption through innovative customer service". At Poppy Barley, we’re looking to take customer experience to the next level. Read the full story. Why Taking A Vacation Can Make You Better At Your Job Promise to take a vacation this year. Why Are We So Busy? We “learn how to consume by consuming,” he writes, and how to “enjoy leisure by enjoying leisure.” Are you too busy? Mother Mag Given I’m not a mother, I sometimes don’t relate to straight up “mommy blogs”. This rad site is more a conversation about being a woman who happens to have adorable children. Dads who do chores raise daughters who aspire to high-paying careers Thanks Dad! ... we anticipate plenty of daddy-daughter vacuuming sessions this weekend. Feel good about doing chores. Follow along on Instagram for a daily play by play.

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