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Poppy Barley Is On Songza! Listen to Our First Curated Playlist: Office Grooves

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Poppy Barley Songza Playlist: Office Grooves

We spend a lot of time listening to music at the Poppy Barley office, and one of our favourite apps is Songza. Select your mood, activity, decade or culture, and they've got thousands upon thousands of playlists for you to choose from. Because of the long hours we spend with our headphones in, either tuning out distractions, taking a walk 'round the block in our boots, planning weekend dance party playlists together, or discovering new artists, we decided it was time to start curating our own Poppy Barley playlists; songs that we love listening to and think you'd love listening to, too! Our first playlist, Office Grooves, is meant to kickstart your creative juices and keep you motivated for the week ahead, featuring the likes of L.A. trio Haim (pronounced Hime), the retro-sounds of Tennis, Beirut--a band that's made us love horns--and girl-power dance hits from Robyn.

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