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(Our Last) Poppy Barley Weekly (For Now)

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PoppyBarley-Weekly-53-Main It’s the end of May already - and we feel like we’re well into summer here at the office. From Friday patio happy hours to breaking out the PB flats, we are ready for fun and getaways! On that note, this will be our LAST Poppy Barley Weekly (for now). We hit #52 last week, and we're ready to switch it up (and maybe leave a little early on Fridays over the next few weeks). So here it is - are you ready? Around the office...
  • We teamed up with Make Something Edmonton and hosted an interactive branding party for our Men's Collection customers called, "The Measure of a Man". Thank you to everyone who participated and told us your secrets - we loved learning about who our Poppy Barley men are! Didn’t have a chance to swing by? We still want to hear from you! Watch for our public survey next week.
  • We’re packing for Vancouver! Yes, we just came back from Toronto and now we’re heading west. Join Erika and Caroline for five days of fun at the Woodward’s Storefront in Gastown for our longest popup yet (that's FIVE whole days)!
PoppyBarley-Weekly-53-4 We were featured… PoppyBarley-Weekly-53-Jillian-Harris All about shoes…
  • We recently added “in-stock” shoes to our line-up. If you fall into a standard size, you may be able to get your handcrafted Poppy Barleys shipped out in 24 hours.
  • Pssst. We just launched Women’s Oxfords to our PB Insiders! Please meet Amelia and Eleanor (yes, they are named after Aviation Maven Amelia Earhart and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt). Let us know what you think!
PoppyBarley-Weekly-53-Oxfords Summertime and other news...
  • Erika can’t wait for Episode 9, Season 5 of Game of Thrones this weekend. Who else is watching?
  • Vacations have taken hold of the office. Kendall is away in Morocco riding camels in the desert, and I’m heading out east to Toronto tomorrow and will be cheering for Arsenal in the FA Cup Finals from the plane. See you all in a week!
  • Enjoy the gorgeous weather! (And if you are in Alberta, keep in mind not to light any open fires as there is a province-wide fire ban.)
That's all, for now. See you on the patio.

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