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On-the-Go Leather Care

2-minute read

Three things to carry in your purse (or murse) that will help protect your leather shoes on the go, as told by our Customer Experience Lead, Yvonne.
When we say you can wear your Poppy Barleys from the time you leave for work in the morning to the hour you come home at night, however late that might be, we mean it. Their comfort is unmatched and they are designed with a classic aesthetic in mind. It makes them insanely versatile. The Tutorial: How to care for your leather shoes - Three Things to Carry in Your Purse (or Murse) However, as with all footwear, sometimes accidents can happen and you need a quick fix to get your shoes looking pristine again. Here are three things you should always keep in your bag for speedy, on-the-go solutions.
  1. Nubuck Brush: For nubuck and suede lovers, this is a must carry. Nubuck, like hair, needs to be combed out. If you find a bit of dirt on your shoes, gently comb it out with a nubuck brush. It will make your shoes look clean and neat.
  2. Collonil’s Shampoo Direct: The Shampoo Direct is your new best friend. With a fresh scent, this combination of highly intensive ingredients and an easy-to-use sponge applicator absorbs dirt quickly and cleans efficiently. Keep this in your back pocket for touch-ups, or at home for full-treatment regimes. Bonus: it can be used on all types of leathers, including our nubuck leathers!
  3. Cleaning Cloth: Leather shoes attract dirt. Having a cleaning cloth to wipe off dirt is a simple solution to maintaining great looking shoes. A perfect cleaning cloth comes in the form of a Poppy Barley dust bag (all Poppy Barley shoes come with it!). Alternatively, use any lint-free cloth.
Leather shoes feel and look great, but, as they're made of natural and porous fabric, care needs to be taken when wearing them. For all you crazy shoe fanatics out there, this is old news. For those of you experiencing #LuxuryForThePeople for the first time, keep these tips in your back pocket (or murse).

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