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Meet the Team: Daelan, Developer

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Poppy Barley Developer, Daelan. Poppy Barley offers custom, made to measure, all leather boots and shoes. Mens and women sizes 5-15. You've met our Customer Insights Specialist, our Community Manager, our Brand Design Manager, and one of Poppy Barley's founders. Now it's time to meet our secret weapon: Daelan. Although his technical job title is "Developer", his developer job description at Poppy Barley means he's also our in-house photographer, videographer, comedian, musician-DJ extraordinaire (he really was a '90s DJ), and video-game maker. Whether he's taking product shots of our made to measure boots and flats, pulling together amazing videos in just one day, or speaking "code", he makes our website/design/navigation ideas a reality. Building websites and web applications since 1999, Daelan considers web development a craft, something that takes years of constant learning and hard work to excel at. He's also a Super-Dad; when he isn't knee deep in code and pixels, he spends his time with his "two extremely handsome sons". So, who knew he'd come to work in the land of custom shoes? What we can assume from his wide variety of skills and hidden talents is that he's always up for exploring new paths and projects. In perfect Daelan style, here is a short (and we mean short) Q&A, and your chance to get to know the guy behind our website. Poppy Barley Developer, Daelan. Poppy Barley offers custom, made to measure, all leather boots and shoes. Mens and women sizes 5-15.

Name: Daelan

Job Title: Developer

My typical day at the office... means listening to all of the insane things that everyone wants the website to do and then I figure out how to do it.

Favourite online hangout spot: YouTube

I never leave home without: My Phone

Indulgence: Beer

Favourite quote: Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. - Carl Sagan

Favourite App: Instapaper

Favourite place to visit: Fernie, BC

*Portraits by Harvey Miedreich

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