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Meet Poppy Barley's Brand Ambassadors

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Poppy Barley Brand Ambassadors


In November 2013, we began searching for brand ambassadors to celebrate Poppy Barley’s 1st Birthday. Over the course of two weeks, we received more than 50 applications, and although we planned to select just six ambassadors, we ended up choosing 12. They were that awesome. These women are from many different walks of life–career women, multitasking mothers, athletes, artists, adventurers–and here, they’ve been united over a mutual love for shoes and a desire to be a part of something beautifully disruptive: custom footwear. So, here’s where you can get to know them. While they do their part to help us spread the PB word (wearing Poppy Barleys, of course), you can click through their profiles and discover their stories. Make sure to check back to see what we’ve been collaborating on.

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