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Meet @CarmynJoy + Enter Our #PBWorthWalking Giveaway

7-minute read

Carmyn Joy Poppy Barley Flats Carmyn Joy Insagram We've got a super fun and interactive giveaway going on with the insanely talented @CarmynJoy, a 26-year-old Edmonton-based photographer, writer and Instagram star. With a Master's degree in English Literature from the University of Alberta, Carmyn also studied dark room techniques and printmaking for two semesters at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa. With over 83,000 Insta-followers, she's winning hearts all over the world with her artistic eye and knack for spotting beauty in her everyday environment. Together, we're giving away THREE custom pairs of Poppy Barley flats (one in each style) to three lucky Instagram users in a giveaway called #PBWorthWalking. To qualify:
  1. Post a photo on Instagram of a location you believe is worth walking to (above, Carmyn shared an example, wearing Poppy Barley's Feminine Slipper in Robin Egg & Camel Suede with Gold Foxes)
  2. Utilize the hashtag #‎PBworthwalking and tag @PoppyBarley.
  3. Enter only once per day. Carmyn will randomly draw three winners. Contest closes on Tuesday, August 27th 2013 at 11:59pm MST.
Step 4: Find out more about Carmyn below... Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram It has been a crazy and enlightening experience to watch the response to our #PBWorthWalking contest through your Instagram feed--from people all over the world. In a matter of minutes, we had someone from Germany enter the contest by tagging #PBWorthWalking. The first photo of your Poppy Barley flats received more than 700 "likes" in one hour! How did you grow such a large and engaged following on Instagram? Thank you so much! It’s still pretty crazy for me to sit back and watch all of that happen, too, actually. Last spring, Instagram found my page, liked what I was posting, and consequently recommended me as a “suggested user.” This meant my feed showed up on a list of profiles recommended to newcomers of the app, which serendipitously happened to be when IG became available for Android. I was gaining almost 1000 followers a day for the few weeks I was listed, which was a pretty amazing, albeit surreal, experience! What do you love about Instagram? I love the fact that it’s connected me with other photographers worldwide, some of whom I’ve since had the great pleasure of meeting and befriending. Also, quite simply, it’s meant that I document my everyday life on a regular basis. Having my iPhone with me at all times, and a platform from which to share what I capture with it, has made me more intentional about recording my daily experiences. What's your favourite Instagram filter? I actually prefer to use an incredible, free photo-editing app called VSCO Cam. I highly recommend it! Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram What other brands have you collaborated with through Instagram, and what kinds of projects have you worked on with them? I’ve worked on two minor collaborations/giveaways with Not Another Bill and Treetorn shoes, and a rather large project with MTV Canada and Sony. The latter was definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. MTV ran a short TV spotlight on my IG feed in June, which simultaneously highlighted the project’s sponsor: Sony Xperia. It was a ton of fun to plan and shoot the segment in Toronto this past spring. You can view the clip up on my website, if you’re interested: www.carmynjoy.com What's been the best part about connecting with people through Instagram? As I previously alluded to, it’s definitely been the few key relationships I’ve formed through the app. There are two gals in Toronto that I’ve particularly become close to and have visited a number of times. I’ve gotten to know others online or through snail mail, too. Meeting new people is one of my greatest joys, so it’s only natural that that desire would overflow into a social media platform where I’ve found so many like-minded people. You chose Poppy Barley's Feminine Slipper in Robin Egg and Camel Suede with Gold Foxes. Are there any other Poppy Barley Flat styles you're eyeing? That’s a rhetorical question, right? If I designed another pair, it’d be The Classic Point in Plum Nude. They’re lovely. Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram What made to measure Poppy Barley boots are you coveting? I’ve been crazy about The Everyday City Boot for a while, now. I’m a sucker for brown, so I think I’d go with the kaki colour. What's your boot and shoe "Fit Issue"? I definitely have larger calves. I’m also exactly a size 9.5, which means I’m usually stuck with shoes that are a little too big for me. How do your Poppy Barley flats feel on your feet? Amazing! Whereas I’m used to my feet sliding a bit, these custom shoes hug my heels just right. The supple leather means they already feel broken in, as well. You run your own business, Carmyn Joy Photography. What's your favourite thing about photography? From a business stand point, it’s definitely the fact that I play a key role in helping individuals remember an event or stage or person in their lives. That’s very satisfying. And from a personal perspective, photography has allowed me to express myself creatively. I’m not fantastic at other fine art forms, but have always felt the urge to create and to share my worldview. Photography has become the perfect medium for me to engage in those activities, and I truly can’t imagine my life without it. Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram Carmyn Joy Instagram What's your favourite place in your city to walk to? I love meandering through Edmonton’s extensive ravine trails, or grabbing a drink with friends at Three Boars or Transcend. Have you always lived in Edmonton? I had an exciting childhood and am the daughter of adventurous parents. I was born in Nigeria and lived there until I was 2, after which we lived in California until I was 5. With the exception of studying in Ottawa for 8 months this past year, Edmonton has otherwise always been home. Where are you favourite places to travel? Sweden is my second home. I have a love affair with Scandinavia. I also never tire of a trip to Vancouver.
What three Instagram accounts are you currently loving?
Any Instagram tips?
  • Pay attention to lighting. Natural is always best.
  • Keep things more organic and stay away from filtering anything too heavily.
  • Slow down and think about composition. Make sure you’re fitting everything into the frame. harmoniously, and play around with what camera position looks best.

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