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Knee-High Boots for Women Over 50

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Meet Sue, a PR whiz, the image consultant behind Style On Purpose. A supporter from the very beginning, Sue owns The Classic Riding Boot in Kaki (one of our earliest boot styles) and was one of the first women to try out a pair of our new heeled boots as part of our Product Development Group. At Style On Purpose, Sue focuses on fashion for women over 50. Having completed her image consulting certificate at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, and worked backstage at New York Fashion Week, we love her fashion-conscious approach to life and belief that presentation should always be considered, regardless of your age. Watch her testimonial above to find out what she thinks about her Poppy Barley boots and why she's ordered from us, and then hop on down to read Sue's tips on styling knee-high boots for women over 50.
As an image consultant at Style On Purpose, I focus on fashion for mature women. Many women ask me about wearing styles that are on trend, yet age appropriate. When hitting the mall, many mature women alternate between not wanting to dress "too young", and not wanting to be frumpy. It’s a delicate and confusing place to be. Heeled boots are both on-trend and timeless, and Poppy Barley has some gorgeous designs from which to choose (I have my own pair, The Promenade Boot, now discontinued—check out the latest heeled boots here). If you are looking to incorporate a heeled Poppy Barley boot into your wardrobe, there are lots of age appropriate looks to try. Here are four tips to keep in mind when styling knee-high boots for women over 50:
  • Tuck dark skinny jeans into your boots. Pair this look with a classic blazer, polka-dot blouse and a graphic print scarf. When mixing patterns, make sure that one pattern is large scale and the other is a smaller scale. This helps to create visual interest.
  • Tuck black skinny-leg pants or leggings into black heeled boots to elongate the leg and create a beautiful silhouette. If you’re wearing leggings be sure to pair them with a long tunic that covers you past your hip. You want to make sure your bottom is covered!
  • If you like the bohemian look, wear your heeled boots with a full skirt 2-3 inches below the knee and pair with a peasant blouse. Accessorize with a chunky necklace made with natural materials such as wood and leather.
  • A pencil skirt at, or just above, the knee with a structured blazer and dark tights is a polished, sophisticated look. A feminine blouse in a pastel shade or ruffle accent helps to soften the overall look.
Pull together outfits that fit your lifestyle and comfort level, and more importantly, your style personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Poppy Barley boots are a stylish addition to any wardrobe – have fun!

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