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In Her Shoes: Brittni Jessie, Leon Bridges

7-minute read

We met Brittni Jessie while she was headlining with Leon Bridges at Edmonton's Folk Music Festival. And, let's face it, "River" continues to be one of our favourite songs. As a woman who spends a lot of time on her feet—from Texas to Edmonton (lucky us) and beyond—here, she talks travel, music, and why—when it comes to great style— less is more: "You don’t need a lot of instruments to make a great song."


Brittni Jessie @brittnijessie


Singer/Songwriter-Vocalist for Leon Bridges



Atlanta, Georgia (By way of Texas)


Poppy Barley style(s) I own:

The Two Point Five Ankle Boot The Essentials Purse


How do you start your day?

I wake up, check my phone for any missed calls/messages, or just surf my social media to see what’s happening with my friends. Then I get up, grab my iPad and search for a playlist that I’m in the mood for and blast my music on my portable stereo. Usually I jump straight in the shower afterwards, but I lay back down and sing to the top of my lungs to whatever song is playing! Oh man, you can’t get me to shut up, either I’m singing a song I’ve been jamming to or I’m making one up on the spot (about whatever is happening! LOL!)

If you could sing on any stage, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Madison Square Garden in New York! We haven’t played there just yet, but once we do, I’m probably going to find a place in the venue and cry, LOL!

You travel a lot with the band. What are the top three places you’ve been to so far?

  • Oslo – It’s so beautiful there! I still can’t believe we’ve played there countless times! My favorite spot to eat there is called Lucky Bird, for the best creamed corn and wings!!!
  • Paris – I use to dream about visiting Paris, I always have to pinch myself every time we land that I’m living out my dream and I’m in freaking PARIS!
  • Nashville – Will always be near and dear to my heart, we toasted with Champagne to the tour, to whatever journey we were about going through, and that we would always be together at this place called The Patterson House, and played a showcase at a venue called The Stone Fox which is now no longer there! OMG and playing a sold-out show at the Ryman was amazing and a very memorable, so much history there!

What do you do when you get downtime while on tour?

Leon and I don’t have much downtime, we are usually running from radio station to radio station from 7am-around 2 or 3pm and make it back to the venue just in time for soundcheck. I’ve only had a few places to live like a local, but a majority of the time we are on the move.

What was it like attending the Grammys?

MINDBLOWING! Still cannot believe that I was there! I was extremely nervous! I thank the Lord for my glam squad, they kept me together and they got me together! I felt like a Princess! As soon as Leon and I were on our way to our seats, low and behold the beautiful songstress Jill Scott comes up to us and we were all chatting like OLD FRIENDS! I mean… WHAT?!?! I kept saying to myself “This is my life now…THIS IS MY LIFE!” LOL!

What’s your favourite song to sing on stage? If that song was an outfit—what would it look like?!

I don’t have a favourite! I love every song! But my outfit would definitely have to be a custom tailor-made suit!

Can you reveal anything about the new album you’re working on?

It’s going to be an introductory album! Get to know me, the real me! And that’s all I can say.

How does your taste in music influence your sense of style?

Less is more!! You don’t need a lot of instruments to make a great song. Don’t show/tell everything in your outfit, just keep it a mystery.

The Duet Sandal 

We are SO thrilled to see you wearing Poppy Barley shoes. What about Poppy Barley made you say YES?!

I’ve been following you guys for months, after seeing you on a sponsored ad, I became hooked and I truly love that “Your feet deserve more!” I walked in my Poppy Barley ankle boots as soon as I received my package!

What do you love about your Two Point Five Ankle Boots and Essentials Purse?

They are so comfortable and I didn’t like taking them off! I love my Essentials Purse, definitely the BEST "going out" purse! It’s perfect and so cute!

If you were a musical instrument, what you would be?

I would be a P-Bass, to me it MAKES the song, and it’s hella sexy!

How would you describe your relationship with Leon Bridges?

We are best friends, like brother and sister vibes all day! I love how we can both be goofy and silly and still be able to turn on the professionalism onstage! We always have fun and that’s what making working with him and the boys so much easier! I literally have THE BEST JOB EVER!

Photo: @rettrogers

At the Edmonton Folk Music Festival last summer, thousands of people were sitting in Gallagher Park watching/listening/singing with you. What does that feel like?

Absolutely unbelievable! one of first few festivals we’ve ever headlined and it does not feel real to me at all! Truly a blessing to watch fans get into the music, to sing, dance, and sometimes cry! It is a spiritual moment and I thank God every single time I step foot onstage!

At Poppy Barley, we work with a full office of women, and only one man :) On the flip side, you’re the only female band-member that can speak to a female audience. As a woman in music, what do you want to say to them?

To stand your ground. We, as women, have to work twice as hard in the music industry. Be confident, be confident, be confident in yourself, in what you believe and be passionate about it!

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