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Happy New Year + Our Resolutions

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Happy New Year from Poppy Barley Tonight's the night for sparkle! Stay up late, sip champagne, wish your loved ones well, and resolve to embrace a beautiful new year. We're wishing you a Happy 2013! It's going to be a big year for Poppy Barley! Besides growing a company, here's what the founders of Poppy Barley are thinking about... Straight from Kendall's Journal, her New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Start & Finish Projects: Actually start and finish projects, beginning with those outstanding from 2012 like my wedding album, bathroom renovation and bedroom decoration.
  2. Use reusable bags at the grocery store. I try, I do. This is the year, is the beginning of my relationship with cloth bags. Goodbye plastic.
  3. Run a 3 hour and 10 min marathon. Hoping to make it happen in Boston; if it doesn’t I’ll be signing up for a fall marathon.
  4. I love reading! Over the past few years, I find myself spending more time web surfing and less time reading books. In 2013, I want reconnect with the joy of getting lost in a book. These books are on my list: one, two & three.
Straight from Justine's Journal, her New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Be able to touch my toes (resolution for 3rd year running.) I am a runner with ridiculously tight hamstrings and a mother and fiance who mock me continuously on my inability to accomplish this basic stretch.
  2. Become injury free. Related to above, I need to work on my body's imbalances. Bring on yoga, pilates, a foam roller and regular stretching!
  3. Start riding my bike to work (in the spring.) I live 3 km from the office and with traffic jams on the bridge it would actually be faster for me just to bike (and more fun.) I don't, partly because I'm afraid of cars and partly because I lost my bike. (In the move, I have no idea how.) So I need to take this class; get involved in this advocacy; and go here to re-equip.
  4. Spend one weekend a month in the mountains. Whenever I go for a hike or cross country ski in the backcountry, I remember how much I love it and am grateful to my parents introducing me to this part of my Canadian heritage. As an adult, I need to get back in the woods more

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