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Bigger Shoe Sizes for Women

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Tall leather boots that fit narrow calves, wide calves, or something in between - Poppy Barley -

It's no secret that I have a BIG fit issue. And by "big" I mean big feet. After I had my first pair of Poppy Barley boots made to my size 12.5 feet, I knew I would be lifetime customer. Bigger shoe sizes for women. My prayers had been answered. This was so important for me, in fact, that I begged Poppy Barley's founders to hire me. Today, as the Community Manager for Poppy Barley, a large part of my job is connecting with bloggers. When I came across Alicia Jay from, I almost leapt out of my desk chair. Alicia is a gorgeous 6'6". Her style is enviable, her tall-girl shopping finds lifesaving, and her confidence more than inspiring. We reached out to Alicia almost immediately after discovering her blog to tell her about Poppy Barley. She was intrigued and excited that we offered bigger shoe sizes for women, and I even met up with her while holidaying in San Francisco to show off my own Everyday City Boots.

Tall leather boots that fit narrow calves, wide calves, or something in between - Poppy Barley

As you'll see in these stunning photos, Alicia ordered a pair of Everyday City Boots too - in Cognac and loves them. Welcome to real, knee-high riding boots!). We realize that there are women out there who have even bigger shoe sizes than this, and so we created a request form for you. Let us know what sizes you need, and if the demand is there, we'll look at bringing in bigger shoe sizes to accommodate you. Tall women: is this not the most exciting news of your day, month - life!? It certainly was for me. Somebody's listening. To read about Alicia's full experience with Poppy Barley (and to see more photos), go here. *Photos by Clara Rice for TallSwag

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