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#DrawMePB: Handcrafted Fashion Illustrations

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The Everyday City Boot - Calf-fitting - Brown leather knee high boots - Poppy Barley Introducing Poppy Barley Made to Measure fashion prints by Stephanie Jimenez Illustrations, handcrafted just for you! Simply post a photo of yourself wearing your Poppy Barley boots on Instagram, tagging @poppybarley and #DrawMePB, or send it to, and we’ll have Stephanie turn one person per month into a charming work of art. Then, we’ll send you your very own print in the mail so that you can admire it on your wall at home. Today, meet Amy, our very first Poppy Barley customer, and the first person to ever walk in a pair of PB boots! We’ve already mailed out this stunning print of Amy wearing The Everyday City Boot in black, to thank her for being a pioneer for women’s footwear – Amy, expect a little surprise in your mailbox very soon. Want to know what Amy had to say about her Poppy Barley’s? Here’s an e-mail she sent us a few days after they arrived at her door…
“To the First Custom Fit Boot Company to Ever Make Me Swoon Over Custom Boots: My first weekend avec boots was awesome! They are so comfortable, because the fit is so great! I really like the sleek lines – so far, they look awesome with everything (which was my secret boot goal). I have already told so many people about you - I hope business continues to go well! Thanks again for the door-to-door delivery, and of course for the best boots of 2012. :) - Amy P.S. The best boots of 2013 are going to be dark brown PB riding boots, I think…”

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