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Desk Tell-All: Yvonne, Customer Experience Lead

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Meet the Team: Yvonne, Customer Care Lead, Poppy Barley It's been a while since we've rolled out team profiles (2013, to be exact), and since then, we've grown from five staff in our Edmonton office, to eight (with one more on the way). Today, we're introducing a "new" team member - Yvonne - but to be totally transparent, she's actually been working with us for six months now! (Excuse our etiquette!) As our Customer Experience Lead, Yvonne is one of your first touch points at Poppy Barley, leading measuring appointments and popups, processing your orders, and working with our most enthusiastic VIP customers. Plus, she has a serious love affair going on with shoes (just ask her!). In fact, she was an avid Poppy Barley customer before we convinced her to work for us! Before she came to PB, she spent four years in Ontario completing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto and once returning home, she rediscovered her Alberta roots by learning how to ride a horse (still happening), spent time with family (still happening), and explored the growing scene in Edmonton (still happening, of course!). She also writes an online diary of sorts, Through the Tea Cupboard, where she talks about life post graduation, travel, food, and cool things happening in her city (wherever that may be). But the best way for you to get to know her is by reading her Desk Tell-All below - because don't our desks reveal a whole lot about us?

Desk Tell-All: Yvonne

  1. Who doesn’t like a bit of analogue fun? I love capturing fun moments with my Fujifilm Instamax Mini Camera.
  2. I have been a T-Swizzle fan since I was 15! The soft sounds of Tim McGraw captured me and still to this day I love what she produces.
  3. My day to day work as Customer Care Lead involves measuring appointments (hence the brannock) and constant communication with our customers.
  4. Can you find a bigger Arsenal fan in Edmonton? Maybe. But probably not. (Ok that’s not true, I’m part of YEGooners.) The fast pace and continuous flow of football gets me excited every time. Come On You Gunners!
  5. Ballet has always been a passion of mine. The beautiful athleticism and acting of the dancers amazes me everytime they step on stage. During my time in Toronto, I fell in love with the National Ballet of Canada.
  6. Pride and Prejudice is my fairytale ending. From the well-read and headstrong Lizzie Bennett to the tall dark Mr. Darcy, this is a classic for the romantics. And seriously, Colin Firth in the lake, and more recently Benedict Cumberbatch; how can you not?
  7. Arlene Dickinson is such an inspiration to me. I had a brief chance to work with her on a conference during my time in University. Her books have definitely helped me with finding my own path.

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