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7 Reasons Why a PB Gift Card is the PERFECT Present

2-minute read

 Christmas Gift Ideas Poppy Barley Gift Cards - give the gift of custom shoes

You can't deny it: the holiday season has arrived. And we're here to help you with your Christmas gift ideas and wish lists. We've created a Gift Card Request Form so that you can send a MAJOR hint to your loved one that a Poppy Barley Gift Card is what you’d like to see under the tree this Christmas. Alongside your personalized e-message, we'll also automatically include "7 Reasons Why a Poppy Barley Gift Card Will Make the PERFECT Christmas Gift This Year" with your e-mail, so that your lovely recipient will easily be able to click through and secure a gift card package (be it for boots or flats) for you. They can even do it in secret. Take a read below, and feel free to add your own reasons why.
  1. Off-the-rack footwear never fits. Poppy Barley shoes are made to my unique measurements—from foot width, to calf width, to boot height. This means they will fit me like a glove and I will never again complain about not being able to find boots or flats that fit.
  2. I often have to sacrifice style and comfort to find something that does fit. With Poppy Barley, I can customize the design of my boots and shoes by choosing my favourite style, colour and hardware, so that they are uniquely “me”!
  3. Poppy Barley shoes are handcrafted by skilled artisans in León, Mexico, who have decades of shoemaking experience. This means stunning, luxurious and well-made footwear that is built to last.
  4. All the materials are individually sourced to achieve the highest standards—this includes premium, AA-grade leather and goat leather lining for the ultimate in softness. This makes me happy.
  5. All Poppy Barley footwear is made ethically and transparently—you can find out about their production practices, employee wages and studio conditions here. Buying Poppy Barley shoes means being part of a global movement toward making socially conscious buying decisions.
  6. Poppy Barley is a startup with a vision to change the way we buy footwear and is solving a real problem for women (over 60% of them, including me, have trouble finding boots and shoes that fit properly). Supporting them means challenging the conventional footwear industry and the standardization of sizes that alienates people like me!
  7. I love Poppy Barley, and you love me… so, you will also love Poppy Barley.

Convinced this is a great Christmas gift idea? Send your loved one a MAJOR hint.

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The Harley Heeled Sandal Ankle Size Guide

How To Measure:
The Harley Heeled Sandal: Take a tape measure and wrap it around your foot, right below your ankle bone as that is where the strap will sit (see product imagery and fit video for a visual demonstration). This measurement is based on the last adjustment point on the strap.

Size Strap length will accommodate an ankle measurement up to the size below
5 26 cm
5.5 26.5 cm
6 27 cm
6.5 27 cm
7 27.5 cm
7.5 27.5 cm
8 28 cm
8.5 28 cm
9 28 cm
9.5 28.5 cm
10 28.5 cm
10.5 29 cm
11 29 cm
11.5 30 cm
12 30 cm

The Esther Heeled Sandal Ankle Size Guide

How to Measure:
The Esther Heeled Sandal: take a tape measure and wrap it around your ankle, above the ankle bone, as that is where the strap will sit (see product imagery and fit video for a visual demonstration). This measurement is based on the last adjustment point on the strap.

Size Strap length will accommodate an ankle measurement up to the size below
5 23 cm
5.5 23 cm
6 23 cm
6.5 23 cm
7 24 cm
7.5 24 cm
8 24.5 cm
8.5 24.5 cm
9 24.5 cm
9.5 25 cm
10 25 cm
10.5 25.5 cm
11 26 cm
11.5 26 cm
12 26 cm

Belt Sizes

Natural Waist Measurement Typical Jean Size Belt Size for High‑rise Pant Belt Size for Mid‑rise Pant Infinite Belt Size
23-25" 23/24 26" 28" 1
25-26" 25 28" 30" 1
26-27" 26 30" 32" 1
27-28" 27 30" 32" 1
28-29" 28 32" 34" 2
29-30" 29 32" 34" 2
30-31" 30 34" 36" 2
31-32" 31 34" 36" 2
32-33" 32 36" 38" 3
33-34" 33 36" 38" 3
34-35" 34 38” 40" 3
36-37" 36 38" 40" 3
38-39" 38 40" 42" 4
40-41" 40 40" 42" 4
42-43" 42 44" 46" 4
43-44" 43 44" 46" 5
44-45" 44 46" - 5

Sizing Note: For the most accurate fit, measure around your body where you plan to wear the belt. Choose the closest belt size to that measurement.

Belt Diagram Accent Belt and Complement BeltThe Accent Belt, The Polished Belt and The Complement Belt size measurements start from the beginning of the leather to the middle hole.

Belt Diagram Infinite BeltThe Infinite Belt size measurements cover the entire length of the leather.

Belt Measuring Guide

Belt Measuring Guide

A - High-rise style:

If you plan to wear your belt around your natural waistline, wrap a measuring tape around the narrowest part of your midsection. Then, add 3” to determine your high-rise belt size.

B - Mid-rise style:

If you plan to wear your belt lower than your natural waistline, you will require a dierent size. If you have a particular pair of bottoms you intend to wear your belt with, wrap a measuring tape through the belt loops while in a relaxed position.

When wearing your belt in your preferred style, it should fasten in the middle hole. The belt will relax with wear allowing you to cinch it tighter, as needed.

If you plan to wear the belt in both the high and mid-rise styles, you have two options:

  1. Select your high-rise style and fasten it more loosely when worn in the mid-rise style.
  2. Select your mid-rise style and fasten it more tightly when worn in the high-rise style.