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Choosing Poppy Barley for Comfort, Story + Style—Not Fit

5-minute read

When it comes to shoe shopping, Aislin doesn't have problems finding shoes that fit, but she still chooses to shop at Poppy Barley. Why, you ask? We wondered the same thing. Thanks to Breanne for helping her share her story.
I couldn’t help but laugh when the Poppy Barley team first asked if I would be interested in writing about my fit issue, or rather, lack there of. They were calling me out, in the most kind-hearted of ways, on those absolutely standard measurements saved in my profile! It’s true; my shoe size is an average 7.5. My feet are neither wide nor narrow. My arches are fine and, unlike Kendall or Lisa, I’ve never had to turn down a pair of boots based on my calves. So, while they are not without problems – I’ve got bunions that would make your grandma cringe + osteoarthritis that makes my love of running a tad painful – my feet have never caused a riff when it comes to retail therapy. Truthfully, being an in-between even comes with some perks! If you are ever brave enough to open my front hall closet, you’ll quickly find yourself dodging a landslide of shoes & sizes: everything from my ratty size 6.5 Converse kicks to many a pair of kinda-tight-but-I’m-sure-they’ll-stretch-and-after-all-they-were-on-sale size 7 pumps, plus an array of size 8 boots that fit just fine when worn with extra thick wool socks (a sweet silver lining during those freezing Alberta winters!). I Don't Have Difficulty Finding Shoes That Fit, But I Still Choose Poppy Barley The Highline Boot - Poppy Barley - Made-to-order boots for wide calfs to narrow calfs - PoppyBarley.com There isn’t much left to say about a nonexistent fit issue. There is, however, quite a bit more worth noting about Poppy Barley. At first, I had no clue how to ever sum up all the good things I had to say. How do I explain that yes, Poppy Barley takes fit so seriously but, hey, I can find fit anywhere and really, they are more about feel? Not so much how my feet feel, though they do feel good, but more so about how they feel as a company – how do I ever describe that?! Do I stick to gushing over their beautiful product line? Or do I touch on their brand as well, and maybe their constant involvement in Edmonton’s creative and entrepreneurial community? Should I mention that their tireless work ethic reminds me of my parents, my in-laws, and my grandfather, each of whom have built for themselves wildly successful companies, after taking that initial leap of faith? When should I thank them for introducing me to so many local, Edmontonian brands, and for helping me create more conscious purchasing habits? Wait, and what about hearing Kendall and Caroline speak at a conference earlier this fall, do I mention how much their honesty and courage resonated with me? I Don't Have Difficulty Finding Shoes That Fit, But I Still Choose Poppy Barley I Don't Have Difficulty Finding Shoes That Fit, But I Still Choose Poppy Barley I Don't Have Difficulty Finding Shoes That Fit, But I Still Choose Poppy Barley I thought about praising the whole dang team for always feeling so genuinely invested in every conversation we’ve ever had, whether it was about my wedding this past summer or my next pair of shoes or the nerve wracking adventures awaiting me upon my return to Edmonton. OH! And I just knew I had to say something about their showroom because, after all, that’s where the fit magic happens (even if my measurements did prove to be standard – haha!). I did contemplate sharing a few personal stories about where my Poppy Barleys have seen me go in my own life, and also where I’m hoping they’ll take me in the not-so-distant future. And it was right around then that I knew all of these ideas and snippets and little notes about one really good thing, one really good company, were the most thoughtful and heartfelt summary I could muster. So, there you have it, all the feels about Poppy Barley, a company worth investing in over and over again, even if you don’t particularly have to. I Don't Have Difficulty Finding Shoes That Fit, But I Still Choose Poppy Barley Aislin-PB-WEB-Nov15-24 And here? The shortest short story ever told about my own Poppy Barley collection. Because, holy heck, are these ever truly shoes to live by. First, there was the Modern Mary-Jane, dainty and gold and known for wandering cobblestone streets in grand ol’ Paris on our honeymoon. Then, those Highline Boots (my first pair of heeled boots ever, I’ll have y’all know!) that make my husband do a double take every single date night. There are my classic Slip-on Oxfords that symbolize the beginning of a particularly monumental year. And let’s just say the Feminine Slippers will always be a reminder of spectacular customer care. As for the newest short story, not yet published: a pair of Two Point Five Ankle Boots, styled with much consult from my beloved Pinterest.

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