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bluboho Popup Shop: Meet Audrey (the woman making it happen)

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bluboho-blogpost-1 Above: Audrey with the founders of bluboho, Maggie and Cheryl.
Next week, we’re hosting a pop-up shop with our friends from bluboho – curators of stunning jewelry. (I might just be the #1 customer at the pop-up shop because I want this delicate rose gold ring, this silver skull bracelet and this ‘let go’ necklace.) bluboho hails from Ontario and is well-loved for its jewelry across Canada. Our friend Audrey was an early supporter of bluboho. She’s passionate about the brand, believes in the bluboho vision and wants introduce everyone to the brand. Luckily for us Albertans, this means Audrey is bringing bluboho west for a series of pop-up shops including one with Poppy Barley. Choosing partners for events and pop-up shops matters a lot. We always look for people, companies and brands that share our values of elevated craftsmanship, transparency and believe in #LuxuryForThePeople. bluboho checks all those beautiful boxes. Come join us on Wed, April 15 for jewelry, shoes and great women. I'm always so intrigued by the "why" of people. Why bring bluboho west? Why is Audrey so passionate about bluboho? Fortunately for me (and you!), Audrey is happy to answer all my questions. Allow me to introduce you to Audrey - the magical person behind the bluboho pop-up at Poppy Barley. You'll be inspired by her smart, heartfelt answers. bluboho-blogpost-2 So far, you've had a remarkable life and career. You lived in Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton to contribute to the fast-growing, incredible Canadian brand of lululemon. Now, you're the mother of two adorable children. Your husband is an entrepreneur. What's next for you? When I think of what is next for me I know it needs to be something that I believe in and am passionate about. I want to use my love for business to help grow a brand and a culture that is exciting and different. Bluboho is making quite an impression out East and I want to bring it West. Shopping in their boutiques offers a unique experience and the pieces they sell help people mark important moments and create or express meaning in their lives. This is something that leaves a big impression on me and I want to share that with others. At Poppy Barley, we love companies that support artisans and elevate craftsmanship. Tell us about bluboho's commitment in these areas. bluboho works with about 25 small studio artisans uniting an aesthetic and a frame of mind. All designers have a story and a cause; we call it cause-related jewelry. Everything is hand crafted, the stones are conflict free, and many designers use recycled metals. We curate a variety of price points so there is something for everyone and work hard to choose pieces that will be passed down to future generations. Two beautiful, kind and visionary women, Cheryl and Maggie, started bluboho. Please share their story with us. These two women are dear friends of mine and incredible entrepreneurs. I am proud to be teaming up with them to bring what they have created to the place that I call home. ALBERTA! "She believed she could, so she did". When I think of Cheryl and Maggie, I think of this quote that is shared often in their boutiques.. Their vision to bring beautiful pieces to others that mark celebrations, perseverance, commitments and moments, has come to life. bluboho was born from their shared love for jewelry, travel, human connection and life. I love the story of how they got the name bluboho. What can we expect at the bluboho pop-up shop? You can expect us to create an environment where you will feel good! We are so lucky to be working with the poppy barley team in their beautiful new space. We will be bringing a selection of amazing pieces - some of our most popular and some one of a kind. We will be creating some fun surprises to share and delight everyone who comes. Why jewelry? Please share some of your favorites from the bluboho collection. I have always been drawn to Jewelry for its significance and beauty. I remember my first "best friends forever" necklace that I shared. I continue to cherish pieces from my mom and dad that were given to me to mark special birthdays and accomplishments. Jewelry marks moments, relationships and milestones in life and that is why I connect with it. I love the bluboho x goodcharma collection – they were some of my first pieces from bluboho. I am also wearing the stacking gold rings and love all of the woven bracelets mixed with precious metals. They are durable, go with everything, and can be worn all the time. Anything dainty and gold is my absolute favorite right now!!! blubohoxPB-BLOGPOST-ATTEND

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